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Hiroshima Essay, Research Paper

Hiroshima is a book about human existence. There is several main characters in the book. The book goes through each of the persons lives from the day the Atom bomb was dropped until approximately one year later. The characters range from a clerk that works in a tin factory, a Dr. that owns his own hospital, a tailors widow, a German priest, another young doctor that is a member of a hospitals surgical staff and, a Reverend. Each of these people dislike the Americans that their country is at war with and love their country. All of the people go through several changes in their life and after the bomb lands is never the same. The Atom bomb was first dropped on Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945 at 8:15 A.M… The surgeon is the only one not injured by the blast and feels very guilty about it, because it is dishonorable to not be injured. So he helps the thousands of injured that he can. He has to make choices that make him question himself and what kind of person he is. The decisions he has to make is whether or not to try to save people with the worst injuries or try to save those that have a good chance to live. He has to help as many as possible with as little as possible. Throughout the days of helping others he, sees many things that make realize the power of the bomb. From the blast itself he lost his spectacles and found some on a nurse so he took those, even though they were far from being his own prescription. While treating the patients he got to see first hand the destruction of the bomb. The symptoms were those of burns from a fire and severe x-ray also injuries from the buildings that

collapses. The buildings roofs in Japan had to be able to support almost twice as much as the U.S. does at 72 pounds per square foot, the United States only has to be 40 pounds. The Doctor finally got to have a look at the city and found even more destruction. He could see all of many dead lying in the streets, the injured screaming for help, the soldiers whose eyes were burnt shut and eventually helping a woman out of the nearby water and her skin from her hand sliding off her body, he had to constantly remind himself that these were humans. He then realized how fragile life was and how these people would give their life for the emperor if he asked them too. Humans will always exist as long as they can find a way to get along with out blowing each other up with nuclear weapons. In 1995 the Japanese officially apologized for attacking Pearl Harbor without a declaration of war, this is just one of many examples of how the Japanese value honor and respect.by greggonzo1@hotmail.com

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