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The Lord Of The Flies (What Does The Novel Emply About Human Nature) Essay, Research Paper

William Golding s novel The Lord of the flies makes a number of suggestions about Human Nature. The boys became either followers or they became leaders. The boys are scared of the unknown and they would rather seek enjoyment than do any work.

One of the most prominent suggestions in the novel The Lord of the Flies is that, as humans we either are followers or leaders. The stronger and the older boys became the leaders and the weaker and the younger boys followed. The two main rivals, Jack and Ralph, were leaders and had their different opinions on how to survive on the island. Both Ralph and Jack try to out do the other to gain power over the other. Ralph s beliefs were like a democratic system, where everyone was equal and helped each other out. He believed in co-operation. The use of the conch by Ralph was a way to force the boys to come together for a meeting when he wanted it. Jack s belief was that you need to be forceful and strong and gain authority over the rest. By wearing a mask Jack became more confident, and he hid behind it using it like a shield the mask compelled them (Golding, 1962:80). Jack s power and authority made others scared of him and he used this power over them to force them to obey him. Every boy on the Island either was a follower or was a leader at one stage or another.

The novel The Lord of the Flies suggests that humans are scared of the unknown. The boys became more and more anxious about a so-called Beast on the island, which they had never seen. The beast is not real, but becomes a symbol of their actions. For example Simon, a young boy who is a bit unusual, is seen by the rest as strange. He s Queer (Golding, 1962:69)

He is singled out by all the boys and was eventually killed by the beast. The beast being a symbol of human nature and represented the barbaric and savage ways of the boys. Every boy was scared of the darkness and the unknown.

The novel The lord of the flies puts forward the idea that humans would prefer to have fun rather than doing any work. For example Ralph and Simon built the shelters in which everyone slept. Jack and the older boys went hunting and the others didn t offer to help them out When the meeting was over they d work for five minutes and then wander off or go hunting (golding, 1962:64). Jack and his group of followers had fun hunting pigs when they were supposed to have the job of keeping the fire alight. The fire went out and a ship sailed past the island and didn t see their smoke signal. The little ones played in the sand and had fun whilst Simon and Ralph were working so everyone could rest at night. Ralph and Simon became angry with the others for not helping them. Humans try and push the work onto others so they don t have to do to it.

The nature and characteristics of human beings is shown in this novel by the boys being abandoned with no rules.

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