Реферат: China And The World Trade Order Essay

China And The World Trade Order Essay, Research Paper

For more than thirteen years negotiations have been going on to allow entry for China into the World Trade Organization (WTO). On November 30, 1999, in Seattle, Washington, President Bill Clinton and President Jiang Zemin of China will meet to set the agenda for trade talks, which will take years to come before there is an agreement. This will only be done if China doesn t feel threatened by a group of 134 countries that sets the terms of World Trade (Sanger).

Some of the details that must be discussed, which China can offer to countries, especially the United States are their telecommunications, financial services, textiles, and sanctions for the dumping of exports among others (Sanger). With all of those goods that China offers, Clinton seemed to stop negotiations with them in April when things were looking the best. According to some of his aids, they say, that Clinton greatly regrets walking away, and wishes he could take post offers and run (Sanger).

China not only has to deal with agreements from the United States, but would also have to make deals with Canada, Europeans, and Latin American countries. Once these agreements are made and China is part of the World Trade Organization, they will be required to abide by the WTO s policies and open markets. This will cause China to have to allow more foreign industries, farm goods, and providers of services to enter their country (Reuters). China has to decide if they want to join or not. If they choose to join they will have no voice in decision making and no decision-making powers until China becomes a full fledged member of the World Trade Organization according to U.S. Trade Representative Charlene Barshetsky (Reuters).

Many phone calls have been exchanged between the Presidents, and also representatives have made visits. These engagements are seen as intense set of interactions. These engagements are beings seen as a 50-50 chance that there will be a deal sealed by China and the WTO. Clinton sees this chance as his last shot of stabilizing the relations between China and the United States (Eckholm).

China s acceptance into the WTO has some beneficial factors. Entry would allow China to be guaranteed economic protection offered to most trade nations. China also has an economic slowdown that is finally ready to offer openings of its market. With twenty percent of the world s population it would help China s citizens incomes. The employment rate is at a thirty year high and can help provide more business (Rosenthal).

In taking a side of whether or not China should be allowed into the WTO, I choose not accepting them in the WTO. As China being a power house of a country and is known to be a very stubborn country, I see many problems that can occur between the U.S. and China. For example, it has been taking these two nations over thirteen years to decide on whether China should be part of the WTO. Also, China is deciding on whether they will benefit from being part of the WTO. If the WTO meeting in Seattle goes well I for see trouble for all nations not just the U.S. The China politicians will try as soon as they get into the WTO to try and play their negotiation tactics that has troubled the U.S. in trying to come up with agreements. I feel China as well as other nations will benefit from China being an outsider. In looking through all the New York Times articles I saw how one month China felt could almost agree on one issue and the following month decided that the agreement needed mending.

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