Реферат: Your First Year Behind The Wheel Essay

Your First Year Behind The Wheel Essay, Research Paper

deondray miles

Period 6


Your first year behind the wheel of a vehicle is said to be the most

dangerous year of a driver?s driving experience. The reason for this is because most

new drivers that start are at the age of sixteen. More teenage passenger deaths occur

when a sixteen year-old-driver is driving than when person of any other age is

behind the wheel. Many researchers have discovered the reason why teenage

crashes are so high. The experts say, one reason is the lack of driving experience.

Another reason is, as a group, teens are more willing to take risks, and not use their

seat belts.

There are ten good tips for a first year driver, although I think they apply to

drivers of all ages. The first tip is to never drink and drive, the statistics say out of

three thousand five hundred teens nine of them will die as a result of drunk driving.

Another tip is to limit the distractions around you, for example, while you are

driving do not fool around with your vehicles stereo system, the reason for this is

you can take your eyes off the road, which is very dangerous. The third tip is

Drive Defensively.

When you or any of your passengers are in a moving vehicle you must

wear a seat belt, you can never predict a car accident. You should always allow

room in front of your vehicle because you might not know when they will press the

brakes. The fourth tip is to develop a good attitude while your are behind the

wheel. One way to do this is to drive when you are feeling calm, do not cut people

off or honk your horn at them, be patient and courteous, and never try to do thrill

seeking things like drag racing.

The fifth tip is never tailgate. Tailgating is when a driver is too close to the

vehicle in front of him/her, this is a very good tip because it tells you that you only

have a certain amount of time to react when the driver ahead of you stops. The

sixth tip is do not drive too fast it is the law that you stay within the speed limit. It is

also much safer. Don?t take turns at a fast speed when you are about to turn it is

important that you slow down before you begin the turn.

The seventh tip is perfect your city driving skills. Before you go anywhere it

is important for you to know where you are going, make sure that you know the

directions. Watch out for jaywalkers, they are the people that don?t cross the street

properly. Tip number eight is be alert of the weather, if the weather is bad, such as

heavy rain, you must be careful of the way you drive because of slippery roads. The

ninth tip is to watch out for erratic drivers. You can spot a driver like this by the way

he/she is driving like if they drive too close to the curb or they aren?t driving


The tenth and final tips are to set rules for passengers, like, all passengers in

the vehicle must wear a seat belt, or no drugs, alcohol or weapons in the vehicle,

and no more passengers than there are seat belts. Some of the experiences that I

have are at the end of last school year my uncle, my aunt, and my two little cousins

were hit by a drunk driver, my uncle and one of my cousins that were in the

truck were the only two that were injured. My aunt and other cousin only

had bruises, my uncle was in a coma for two weeks and my cousin died three days

after the accident so when my uncle came out of the coma he was told that his son

had died. This was one of the saddest time of our relatives lives and it could

have been prevented if there hadn?t been a drunk driver in the other car that day.



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