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Jeff Gordon Essay, Research Paper

Jeff Gordon

Jeff Gordon has won the Nascar Winston Cup Championship in 1995, 1997 and he

has almost won the 1998 Nascar Winston Cup Championship. He has won over

100 Nascar races throughout his career so far! He has finally won in October!

Nobody said that his team will win in October, but he finally has! He has set

overfive records in the Guinness book of world records!

He was born on August 4, 1971. His birthplace is Vallejo, California. He

lives in Davidson, North Carolina. When he was a kid his favorite subject in

school was math. His childhood hobbies were water-skiing and skateboarding.

His most memorable experience in school was his senior year in high school and


He first started racing when he was five, he raced go carts. Later in his life

he decided to race sprint cars. He didn t even think about racing in Nascar.

Because he was so good in sprint cars, his agent told him he should race Nascar.

In 1993 he decided to race in Nascar! Dupont Automotive Finishes signed him,

saying that they would sponsor him! His mom and dad totally supported him!

They told him he could do anything his little heart desired! They also said

that if it s not making him happy, to quit!

By 1996 he had already won a Nascar Winston Cup Championship! He won

another one in 1997! He has almost won this years, which is 1998! He gets 6.5

million dollars a year! Because he has won almost every race this year, Nascar

started accusing him of cheating. They said he soaked his tires to make him go

faster. Tests show that he didn t!

Jeff Gordon raced his regular Dupont Automotive Finishes car in 1997. Also in

1997 he came out with a special Chromalusion car. He also drove a special

Jurassic Park The Ride car in1997, but that same race the Nascar officials said

that he bended the rules too much, so they banded the car from racing, which

means he can t race it. But even before that in 1992 he raced in the Busch

Grand Nationals.

He drove the number 1 Baby Ruth car. But even before that he raced the number

1 Carolina Ford car. He captured rookie of the year, that same year, in the

Busch Grand Nationals. Later in 1993 he got the rookie of the year award for

stock cars, when Dupont Automotive Finishes said they would sponsor him. Even

before that he raced a sprint car.

Jeff Gordon is the best race car driver ever!

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