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Career Paper

The career I chose is business, any positions in the business professional field. Starting from owning my own business, which would be following my father s footsteps, he owns a hardware store and a wholesale store of precious stones and diamonds.

If not my own business then any positions of high responsibility in organizations and administration of business, or sales promotion, marketing and finance in regard to promotion of business. I want to be working for a big huge corporation that has a good reputation as well as good employee benefits.

In order to be in the field I want to be in, I would have to take as many business classes as required to graduate from Moorpark College within two years with getting my associates degree. From here I would transfer to Cal State University Northridge (CSUN) and hopefully work on getting my MBA, after receiving my degree in business I would have to start looking for a job that would suit me and I would enjoy doing which would be any positions in the business field.

Some activities that would help me to gain experience and prepare me for this field would be to follow stocks in the financial pages of the paper, read business magazines, participate in the debates, help in political campaigns, write letters of inquiry to businesses, learn to use all functions on a calculator, make a budget by opening and balancing a checking and or a savings account and most importantly apply for a part time job or even do an internship at one of these corporations.

While I m still in school I would take classes that teaches a lot about the business world like accounting, business, business law, data processing, any class that is a business related course. Also a few English classes like writing, speech. Mathematic classes, computer science, and a few social sciences like American government psychology History etc. All this will help you gain the knowledge of what be out there in the business world.

Some skills and abilities needed in this business field.

— People who uses logical thinking and personal judgment to perform a variety of office tasks that require special skills and knowledge.

— Originate and carry out sales campaigns.

— Create new ways of presenting information that will attract people s attention.

— Plan and direct the effect politics and economic trends will have on company or agency plans.

— Continually make decisions based on experience and personal feelings as well as on facts and figures

— Compute costs and prepare cost estimates.

— Use mathematical skills to interpret financial information and prepare budgets.

— Speak and write clearly and accurately.

— Understand and use mathematical concepts in order to design a financial or economic system.

— Accept full responsibility for managing activity.

Looking over all the skills and experiences required to work in the field of business I think I would be very successful in the position I would be holding later on in life ones I am don t with all my school. As for now for me to follow my short term goals are very much important because these short term goals well open the doors to the long-term goals.

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