Реферат: Art And Photography Essay Research Paper

Art And Photography Essay, Research Paper

— To what extent has photography been used as an instrument of social control? Use historical examples to illustrate this essay.

Photography was once prized for its ability to objectively capture what sat in front of the lens. The content of a photo was to be believed without question. Because photos seemed to be able to portray objects exactly as the human eye seemed to, they were taken at face value. But can a photo be truly objective? Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered simply. Yes, the actual camera, with its technologically exact mechanisms is in itself objective. It is the photographer and the circumstances around him or her, which influence the final interpretation. Throughout history this fact has been used to sway opinions, bend the truth and as all-out blatant propaganda. As with all things, once mankind learns that something can be twisted to benefit it, it is often taken advantage of.

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