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Buisness Plan Essay, Research Paper


Zunera mentioned some events we discussed so let me elaborate on them on a personal level.

I was new student and I didn?t even know of a PSA till a couple of days ago.

PSA needs identity? high profile like other organizations.

People don?t know about PSA and therefore lack of membership.


Members need to know of PSA? start of the semester mixer

We need to MAKE people get to know each other.

Religious events? iftari in collaboration with MSA

Club is not MSA its PSA — we need to focus on PAKISTAN.

Explore the history, various regions and cultures residing IN the country itself.

Cultural showcase in shows, foods and events.

Muslim or not, Paki or not, a lot of us wouldn?t mind getting their mack on.

PSA formal after people have been introduced to each other numerous times in events for making ?closer friends.?

Kegs of lassi and mango juice?

Now a lot of us can come up with ideas for events and what everyone can wear at them but to get them out there, there r three crucial things.

Publicize events:

how- participation with Asian Pacific Association on activities

coordinbating activities with multi-cultural organizations

make people aware of us and that we to wanna get somethigns done.

We?re not the MSA, we are a cultural organization? invite anyone to learn with us about our culture

How will we manage these events?

corporate financing – chaitime.com and various other business are willing to donate money here to get there name out

we can get FREE money

Fundrasiers at events

At events


As president I believe I myself would be involved in restructuring – we need to set a timetable and meet these targets, the only way we’ll get organized and pre-plan to hold which events first so we don?t collide with bigger and more widely known things around campus

grow slowly (a little faster than previously though) establish our presence

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