Реферат: Your Own Ending To Birds Essay Research

Your Own Ending To Birds Essay, Research Paper

The Birds

The birds kept on hitting the door. Nat took his family into the living room, and moved the couch against the door. On the floor where the couch was there was a trap door. Nat and his family went into the trap door and

found bombs, weapons, and a tank. Nat was very suprised. As the birds broke in they quickly ran in the trap door and shut it tight. The birds tried to break in but the trap door was metal. Nat explored all the stuff in the room. It had everything that you need for a war. The weirdest thing that Nat was wondering was how all the stuff got in there, especially the tank.

While the birds kept on attacking Nat thought of a plan on how to kill the birds and make them retreat. He told his wife and kids to stay inside. He went into the tank and opened the door that lead to the outside. There were thousands of birds in the air and on the ground. He stooped for a moment and put full speed and ran over as many birds as he can. He fired into the sky taking out half of the birds at a time. All the birds can do it attack the tank but that didn’t do any harm. As the birds backed of Nat went back into the room to see if his family was OK. They were frightened by all the loud noise outside. Nat took a Missile Launcher and took his family outside. There was only one cloud of birds left. He fired into the birds and killed most of them. From that point the surviving birds flew away separate ways like they retreated. All the people from the other houses came out and started cheering. From that point Nat became a hero, and humans and birds lived in peace. Until 10 years after the attack the birds rejoined and parished

mankind off earth and became the true rulers of earth.

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