Реферат: How To Build An Outside Pond Essay

How To Build An Outside Pond Essay, Research Paper

Choose your pond liner size. Once you have your preferred liner size, you want to find the perfect spot to place it. (Make sure it is not near any trees because leaves will fall in to the pond and the roots of the trees will tare the liner.) Now measure out the size that you want your pond to be (note-the size of the pond will be determined by the size of your liner). You also have to choose your shape you want your pond to be. To keep the size and shape right, use wooden stakes and string to outline it. Once you have the string setup, take spray paint and the ground under the string.

Now it is time to dig. Dig on the inside of the painted shape. Choose one side to make a plant stand. The plant stand should be at least one foot down and ten inches out from the painted line. You should dig the rest of the hole at least two feet down. When you are finished digging, you want to take damp sand and pack it on the walls and the bottom. You should stop when the whole pond is entirely covered with sand. You then want to put about two to three layers of plastic on it.

Now it is time to put the liner in the hole. Have a friend help you put the liner in the hole. Once the liner is in the hole, you want to step in it with your bare feet, and push the liner to the walls. Start filling the pond with water while you are in it. Try to work out the wrinkles (do not worry if you do not get them all out, it will make it harder for the fish to eat the algae). Keep working out the wrinkles until the pond is filled. Take about four big rocks and put one on each of the corners. That is only temporary until you get the slate to put around the pond. The slate should go around the entire pond in two layers. Choose one side to make a waterfall. The waterfall should have about seven to eight layers of slate.

To have the waterfall actually have water come down it, you will have to get a pump. To keep your pond clean you will a filter. Hook the pomp and the filter together, and weave the tube out of the pond and up the back of the waterfall. Plug the pump in, and watch the water flow down the slate. Look for any water behind the waterfall; if there is you may have to arrange the slate, so it does not run behind the waterfall.

It is now time to choose some aquatic plants. There are several aquatic plants to choose from. To keep the dirt in the pots, you will have to put a layer of rocks on top of the dirt. To keep your liner wall from drying out from the sun put the aquatic plants around the walls. You have to keep at least two thirds of the pond covered to keep the water cool for the fish. I suggest floating plants. After you have all that done, you can put your fish in the pond. Just do not choose ones too big for the pond. You can also put tadpoles in the pond, but frogs unusually make their way on their own.

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