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My Struggle Essay, Research Paper

Since I was young, there have always been a struggle between

my parents and I. This situation began when my father

passed away when I was three years old. I have lived with

my mother and Step-father ever since. Although I love them

both, we do not always seem to see eye to eye on many

issues. The cause of this is in part due to my wild nature.

I like to stay out late and do things that if caught could

get me in lots of trouble. I am under the impression that

they resent my relationship with my grandmother. I like to

stay often with my grandmother rather than at home, which

they do not understand.

I have stayed with my grandmother every weekend since

my father became sick with cancer, in 1982. After my father

passed away in 1983, I continued to visit her. My mother

and stepfather both respect my father?s mother a great deal,

and would do anything for her. But they fail to see why I

want to spend so much time with her. My grandmother is a

large influence in my life. She has, and still does, so

much for me. Nanny has always had a big heart for her

family, but no one is as close to her as myself.

Since I was two years old, my grandmother and I have

gone out and done many things together. We have had many

great memories together which I will remember for the rest

of my life. We have gone out to eat, watched many baseball

games togather, bone bowling, amd many other things. If my

parents could only realize how strongly I feel about her and

the time I spend with my her. I wish they could be a little

more considerate of my feelings and not put me in the

position that they often do.

The relationship between my grandmother and I has been

tested many times. As I was getting older, my parents would

try to find things that would keep me from visiting her

during the. They would find things such as mowing the lawn,

washing cars, and doing house chores. These thing they know

I hate to do, but they seemed to want them done anyway.

Though they do not mind when I spend some time with my

grandmother, they feel that I should spend more time with

them. My senior year in high school was the time that they

really were getting to me. Nanny broke her arm one day when

she fell down in the kitchen. Since then I have moved in

with her. They felt that this was a bad decision. I do

love my parents dearly, but I felt that it was the best

thing at the time. As of this day I do not regret the

decisions that I have made in regards to spending time with

my grandmother. I love and respect my parents, still but

wish that they would not put me in the positions that they


Since I began attending college, my parents have been a

little more reasonable about the entire situation. This

does not mean that they do not still give me a hard time. I

just hope that by the time I finish with college they will

understand how I feel, and not worry me about as much as

they do.

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