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Exercise Essay, Research Paper

The time has come. You realize and decide that you need to exercise. You have many options. Walking would be your best bet. Most Americans in today?s society do not get enough exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Going for a walk could help you loose weight, get in shape, and is a lot of fun. Joining a health club for some might be the your easiest way, for some it might be going for a walk outside.

Did you know that many doctors recommend walking to their heart attack patients. That is because if you start to improve your eating habits and exercise regularly, your overall health will greatly improve. Walking is simple, cheap, and can be done anywhere. All you need are a good pair of sneakers and you are ready to go. You should start slowly and build your way up, however make sure that you feel your heart rate getting faster. The average American needs 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times a week in order to improve health. Walking in this case would be your cardiovascular exercise.

You should find someone else to go for the walk with you. By doing this, it will pass the time faster and you will have someone else to talk to. This will also make it a lot more fun. If you do not know of anyone to walk with, you should go and join a health club. At a health club, you will find other people trying to accomplish the same thing as you. Most health clubs offer free consultations with an experienced or even certified trainer who will help discuss and plan a work out program for you. This way along with exercise they will instruct you on nutrition and what you should be eating. Some trainers might even show you some basic weight training exercises in order to help increase your strength and tone your body. If you follow their advice, you will be a whole new person in no time.

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