Реферат: A Dolls House Henrik Ibsen 1828-1906 Essay

A Doll?s House Henrik Ibsen (1828-1906) Essay, Research Paper

?HELMER: My little songbird mustn?t

droop her wings. What?s this? Is little squirrel sulking??

Torvald asks this to Nora after she returned from shopping at the start

of the play.

?NORA: I?ve the most extraordinary

longing to say: ?Bloody hell!?? Nora says this to Rank and Linde

expressing her desire to rebel against her husband.

?RANK: Oh, a lawyer fellow called

Krogstad – you wouldn?t know him. He?s crippled all right; morally

twisted. But even he started of by announcing, as thought it were

a matter of enormous importance, that he had to live.? Rank tells

this to Nora and Linde expressing his philosophy about morally corrupt

people corrupting society using Krogstad as an example.

?NORA: Never see him again.

Never. Never. Never. Never see the children again.

Them too. Never. never. Oh – the icy black water! Oh

— that bottomless – that -! Oh, if only it were all over! Now

he?s got it – he?s reading it. Oh, no, no! Not yet! Goodbye,

Torvald! Goodbye, my darlings.? Nora says this to herself when

Torvald had left to his study to read the mail. She prepares to leave

and possibly commit suicide.

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