Реферат: The Clinton Scandal

The Clinton Scandal Essay, Research Paper

Over the past month’s our president William Jefferson Clinton has been under fire over his personal affairs with a young intern. Eventually in court he lied under oath about ever having a sexual relations with the twenty-one year old intern Monica Lewinsky. He also came out on national television and said he didn’t do it, which really added up.

Polls show that the presidential ratings are higher than ever. Many Americans believe that Clinton is doing a good job. His current ratings are about 65% so most likely the president will not be removed from office. They still believe that he did a wrongdoing but they seemed to forgive him because that’s his personal life and out country/economy is at a great high. Also some of the ratings come from his great speeches. This is a quote from Tom Brookaw a respected journalist on NBC, “It seems every time Bill comes out to addresses us he delivers block buster speeches”. In which these speeches motivate people and people believe him because most of everything he says he does.

Another thing Bill Clinton did was balance the budget. By year 2000 we will have a surplus in money from billions may be even trillions of dollars. With all this extra money we could put some good use to it. We should be careful not to waste the dough on stupid things. Most of the extra bills will go towards saving social security. So when we need it, it will be there when we retire some day. Many people were worrying that it might run out one day but now we don’t have to fret.

Still some Americans believe that our president should be removed from the White House. They know that he had a sexual affair and that he abused his powers to cover-up what he did. Some believe he had other affairs as well. It really isn’t anyone’s business what he does with his personal life, as long as our country is doing well. He also lied under oath trying to cover-up his scandal. Too me that’s what I would do under all that pressure. You wouldn’t want people to know about that stuff. We never really hear about all the people (Republicans, Judiciary comity, etc) who don’t like Clinton because at one point in their lives they most likely had an affair too. For instance the ex-speaker of the house Bob Livingston came out and announced his affair. Only the smart ones who decide not to mess around are the ones who have to worry about anything.

Overall the president William Jefferson Clinton to me is doing a really good job. Our economy/country is higher than ever. Un-employment is at an all time low. We all know he did some thing wrong but that is his personal life and is none of our business. It’s too bad that Bill has to go down as the second president to be impeached and all the food things that he did will be forgotten. But he choose to do what he did and that was his fault.

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