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There were several major issues that separated the Republican and Democratic candidates during the 2000 presidential campaign.

On Abortion, Al Gore Strongly supports a woman s right to choose and making abortion safe, legal, and rare. Strongly supports making abortion safe, legal, and rare. Opposed to requiring parental notification. Opposed to partial birth abortion except where necessary to protect the life or health of the mother.

George Bush is opposed to abortion, except in cases of incest, rape, or when a woman s life is at risk. He supports waiting periods, parental notification, and parental consent. Would support a Constitutional amendment to ban abortion but won t push for one.

On Defense, Al Gore supports increasing spending by $127 billion over the next decade in the area of weapons development and defense systems, not military expansion. Supports the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Supports NATO expansion.

George Bush supports increased military salaries (proposed a $1 billion raise) and weapons spending. Supports research and use of an anti-ballistic missile defense system and proposed canceling the ABM treaty with Russia if it won t agree to amend the treaty to allow for them. Opposed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

On Gun Control, Al Gore proposes a system of photo licensing for all handgun purchases. Supports mandatory reporting of gun sales to government authorities.

George Bush supports more funding for aggressive gun law enforcement and minimum sentencing requirements for the use of guns in the commission of a crime. Opposes gun registration.

On Social Security, Al Gore is opposed to privatizing Social Security and to raising eligibility age. Supports the Administration s proposal in which only additional contributions from the non-Social Security surplus are allowed to be invested in equities. Opposed to investing current surpluses and all new surpluses in equities in order to preserve Social Security.

George Bush supports raising the age of eligibility. Supports Lockbox legislation (ensuring all Social Security monies are used only for Social Security).

On Health Care, Al Gore supports expanding children s health insurance program and buying into Medicare at age 55. Would create a new Medicare prescription drug benefit.

George Bush, supports tax-subsidized medical savings accounts. Supports a subsidized Medicare menu with means testing, strengthening Medicare by providing more choice in the private sector, and offering prescription drug benefits to Medicare recipients.

On Taxes, Al Gore opposes the $792 billion Republican tax cut proposal. Opposed to a flat tax because he believes it would place an unfair burden on middle and working class families. Supports a progressive tax system and targeted tax incentives that encourage investments in education and promote families.

George Bush, supports a simpler and flatter tax. He is opposed to any increase in corporate or personal income tax rates.

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