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Prop. 16

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There is a new regulation if you plan to play college sports. It is called Prop. 16; it is based on a sliding scale. You must first graduate from High School; you have to get at least a 2.000 GPA in 13 core classes, a 86 on your ACT, and a 1010 on your SAT; you must also register and be certified by the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. But as I said it is based on a sliding scale lets say you got a 2.300 GPA, you would only need a 75 on the ACT, and a 900 on the SAT to play, as long as you qualify in all the other things. I think that this is a very good rule to have. I feel that there are to many “dumb jocks” out there. This woulds force the College ball playing hopefuls to get better grades academically. Also if they could not reach the grades that Prop. 16 required then they can go to a junior college to gain the credits they need and possibaly could not have ever gotten in high school. It also gives them something to fall back on so to speak. In the next few paragraphs I hope you read with a open mind and maybe you will be convinced to belive the way I do. Enjoy.

In 1992 only the small amount of 64.7% of the college-bound seniors coming out of high school met the requirment of Prop. 16. This is very low and it shows the students that they need to try alot harder to pass Prop. 16 to play the sport they love so much. And sence they have to try harder to get at least a 2.000 GPA, a 86 on their ACT, and a 1010 on the SAT to pass Prop. 16 they will then hopefully become smarter and go to college to play sports. And a lets take a event from real life, lets say that a interlectually challenged four star football player; lets call him Ricky. Ricky does bad all the way up to high school where he finds out about alittle thing called Prop. 16. He then changes his ways, in a good way. He starts to turn a 2.800 GPA instead of a 1.250 GPA. Hence he is then smarter than he was. And he got to pass the Prop. 16 and play college ball, his dream. That was one good thing about a thing I like to refer to as Prop. 16.

There is a place called a junior college where students who could not qualify to pass the requirment of Prop. 16 can go to get the credits they need. A man named Eddie Brown said “Junior college is where I got my study habits together.”. They say that junior college is a good place for athletes who do not pass Prop. 16 to go untill they do pass it. I think that this is good, becuase it gives them another chance to make it. If there was no such thing as Prop. 16 these athletes would not have ever got this good of a education. Lets say that a young lad, named Steve “The boy wonder”; wanted to play college ball his whole life. But he could not qualify to reach the requirments of Prop. 16 then he would have another chance to get what he needed and maybe even a little more. This was another reason that this rule is so good.

I also feel that it will give them somthing to fall back on. Since less than one percent of athlets ever get to compete at the college level, not to mention the professsonal level. And sence only five-sixths of the athelets passed prop. 48, let alone passing Prop. 16 that means that some jocks are not as sharp as they should be, to get a job in somthing other than sports. And for an example of this we have a scene I like to call “The Break”. There once was a young lad name Ernie Exoskeliton. He was the best wide reciver you would ever see. Good ol’ Ernie is in high school and showing off for a scout at the big game, when all of a sudden a big fat saftey out of no where slams into the football great and broke his presious neck; he became a drooling veggie. Ernie Exoskeliton never played the sport of kings ever again. This tragity should alone persuade you to think that Prop. 16 can only be good for an athlete.

I hope that by now you belive the same way that I do; in the respect that Prop. 16, a rule that basically means a athlete must get good grades and pass a few tests to play sports at a college level, is a good rule to have. I have given you three reasons to belive the way I do. Lets go over those three again; they were:

1.)It will force them to get better grades academically

2.)With this there will be a place called a junior college, where athletes that don’t pass all the requirments can go to pass what they have left to get

3.)It will give them somthing to fall back on if their dreams don’t come true

I hope you now feel the way I along with many other people do about Prop. 16.

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