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Gun Control 2 Essay, Research Paper

We the students of class 7-508 do not agree with the statement that

people should carry weapons. We do not agree with this statement

because we think that violence is increasing too much. In these days

everybody has weapons. Violence is increasing everywhere. Even little

kids take their parent’s weapons and killing themselves, family members

and friends. Also at schools kids from ten years or older take weapons

and kill themselves. A couple of days ago there was a big tragedy that

occur in Colorado. All these things that are happening will make crime

increase. People will kill each other more and there will be no place

where you could be safe. To conclude we think that all this violence

should stop because if all this violence keeps on for the new millenium

things will be worst. The only way all this violence will stop is by

the elimination of weapons. We definitely do not agree with the second

amendment because we think that the only people that should carry

weapons are cops, security guards, FBI and people that have work to do

with the government or the city. There for Mr. President we think that

you should make a law to prevent people from carrying weapons.

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