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How To Become A Success Essay, Research Paper

How to Become a Success Final Draft Success is obtaining peace of mind, happiness and the independence andfreedom to consistently do the things that are important and enjoyable to you. In order to achievesuccess you cannot only rely on good education and hard work. A good education and the ability to work hard is your foundation for your success. In order to be successful you must think ahead and focus on what you want to achieve. First, you must establish the foundation for success. High school and college teach you how to think, interact and work with different types of people. These institutionsof education are training you for the real world ahead of you. Take as much from theseexperiences as you can. Develop healthy habits. Exercise to maintain your body and don tabuse any substances that may put your physical and mental health in danger. Without a healthy mind and body, you won t feel good about yourself or your goals and quite frankly you probably won t care. Now that you have a general education and a healthy mind and body, develop a positive metal attitude. This is important because if you are unable to believe in yourself, you will be unable to achieve what you desire. Since success is no longer obtained by a good education and hard work alone, it is important to develop your financial intelligence. Money doesn t buy happiness but it is necessary to achieve happiness. Learn how to make money work for you by acquiring assets such as stock, real estate and businesses. While you are working at your job where you are money s employee, your assets are bringing you money without taking time out of your day. And over time you will no longer have to rely on your job as your main source of income because your increasing number of assets will yield more and more profit over time. Your job should also be your passion. If you have a job that you don t enjoy, your work will make you miserable. The reason you get up in the morning will be because of yourfear of becoming broke not because you love what you do. Your attitude towards your job willalso affect how well you do your job. If you enjoy your job you will put much more effort into itthan if you didn t. And the purpose of acquiring assets is to enable you to not rely on your job for

money, but for happiness and gratification. Once you are financially secure you will be able towork as you please, more time with your family and do ther things that you enjoy. The feeling you get when you do your job well is what should get you up in the morning not the fear of bankruptcy. Once you are financially secure because of your stable,rewarding job and numerousassets, you can enjoy the finer things in life. It is important not to buy expensive things that makeyou appear rich because these items will just add more stress to your life because of the extrabills. But if you are patient and wait until you have enough financial freedom to do as you please,it will actually feel like a reward; not like a reward with hidden gimmicks.Once money works for you, you can go ahead and buy the Mercedes and the mansion in Beverly Hills. Materialistic or not, you can enjoy and cherish the things you have or do without having that fear of going broke in the back of your mind. You have now acquired peace of mind, since money is no longer your number one priority; the things you enjoy are your number one priority now. This is the most important step to complete in order to achieve success because without peace of mind, you have nothing. If you build a solid foundation, find a self-gratifying job,earn enough profits from your assets and retire in order to enjoy life you should become a success. The hard work in school will give you a solid foundation which will help you find and hold the job you enjoy. This job will enable you to acquire valuable assets, which will provide the means to save enough for your retirement, with which you will live comfortably. Once you are able to retire, you will make it possible for yourself to relish in the things you enjoy. All these things in turn will give you the few things you need in order to be successful: peace of mind, happiness, and the independence and freedom to do as you please. This will not be possible without your commitment to your life goals. Your goal is to be able to do the things you enjoy, and you can make it happen with careful planning,determination, hard work and of course financial intelligence. In the year 2000, hopes and dreams still do come true but only if you make it happen. Focus on what you want and what you need to do and go for it!

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