Реферат: Company X Essay Research Paper

Company X Essay, Research Paper

Company X

As Patrick opens his eyes at 9:16 am on Monday

morning, he first pets his dog Puck, and kisses his wife

Elaine on the cheek, before brushing his teeth. He then

checks on his kids, Tristan and Tirzah (pronounced teerza),

who are watching cartoons, like any other twins would do

early on a summer morning. Patrick then walks into the den

of his Spanish Colonial home in West Chester, PA, and turns

on the computer. While he lights his Ashton cigar that he

lights for only a few moments each morning, Elaine enters

the room with his sunrise caffeine…a can of Pepsi. She

asks him if he has time for a little play time before he

has to get to work, and Patrick replies by saying, ?no, I?m

running late.? After they both finished laughing, Patrick

did finally get to work at 10:42 am, following a tickling

session, and washing his wife?s hair in the shower.

The work day began as Patrick went back into the den,

logged on to the Internet, and met up with Dong, Jose and

Shenah-nah; three co-workers/co-owners/co-employees of

their company Real-X-State.com. The reasoning behind the

confusion of who is in charge of the company is because no

one is. That was the original intent that began the

companythat Patrick founded November 12th 2000, while

writing a paper for a class at Cabrini College. His idea

was for the company to be bucket of success. Every employee

of Real-X-State.com, no matter how long they have been with

the company, makes 50% of the profits that they generate,

and the other half goes into the company bucket to pay for

computers, stationary, bills (such as our account Al Smith

who we pay to do our taxes), and other miscellaneous

expenses. The balance left over pays for a company vacation

that all 16 employees and one guest get to enjoy. Everyone

is equal, and everyone makes their own hours. The more

money that an employee makes for the company, the more they


While online the team chats, as they continue their

research over thousands of web sites that list information

about real estate. They find the perfect property that is

under priced due to the amount of work that it needs, or

the foreclosure that it is under. Whoever finds the

property, handles all of the contractors and paper work

involved via a company expense account, that is repaid

before profit is made upon resale. All outside resources

used such as appraisers or accountants must be

entrepreneurs themselves, in order to qualify for our


Patrick then joins the rest of his partners a the

meeting that the have set up. Not at some boring room with

smelly wood and leather executive chairs that are supposed

to impress you, but they really only make your rear end

sweat: but, at Outback Stake House, where they can enjoy

each others ideas and a 32 ounce Fosters. Patrick then

raises his glass to his 15 partners of every race, gender

and age, and toasts: ?Here?s to us!?

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