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Killer Essay, Research Paper


Fighting or playing it’s all up to the owner of a new pet. After two

years of listening to our children beg and plead with us to get them a puppy

dog, my husband and I finally gave in. We decided to adopt a dog from the

near by animal shelters. We had a particular dog in mind already. We were

bound and determine that we were going to look for a Golden Retriever.

After several attempts, we had failed to locate this particular breed, my

husband suggested that maybe we look at other breeds in general. We all

agreed that the dog we were going to get had to be friendly, loveable, and

cute and very good with children (since 2 of our children have previously

been attacked by a dog, but what we found was a Pit Bull who has been

misunderstood from the beginning of time.

On that Sunday, we got into our car and went back to the San Martin

Animal Shelter to pick up our new addition to our family Chance, the Pit

Bull. The perfect family dog but what we didn’t know was all the sadness

that goes with owning a pre-stereotyped breed and the assumptions made by

society about the KILLER PIT BULLS.

At first it was a difficult transition for everyone in the family to have a

dog in the house let alone a Pit Bull that is 9 month’s old. Chance needed

allot of attention, training and just time to adapt to his new environment. In

addition to him needed time; the family also needed time to adapt especially

our kids. Our children have never had a dog before and also needed to be

trained on what they can and cannot do to the dog. All this took time and

energy, but we all were bound to make this new experience with our new

(baby) dog work. One of the things that we all agreed on was that our new

dog was apart of the family in all aspects that he was going to go

everywhere we went.

One of the things that we have experienced in owning a Pit bull is the

facts that people in general just assume that all pit bulls are vicious killers

who will attack on a whim. Society believes that they are bread specifically

to fight and kill other animals and are aggressive enough to attack people. In

my opinion and experience with my dog, he is not only an excellent pet for

my children, but a great family dog that just loves to be loved.

Another one of the experiences that has happened to us with our dog,

Chance, was just last week the dog got out of the house. Typically puppy

the door opens the dog bolts. Our children just don’t realize that they need

to be careful with leaving the doors open and that Chance is just a puppy. In

other words, like a two-year who sees a way to get out and goes on the

merry way before anyone even realizes that they have disappeared.

Anyway, Chance decided to go for a walk unattended. Unfortunately, for

Me he made a b-line straight for my neighbors house to visit their cats. We

all know how much cats and dogs get along. All of the sudden, I could hear

my neighbor, who is a good friend, screaming at the top of her lungs, at my

kid to get that D dog out of here. This scenario was so out character for

her, so I ran down the street to her house. Upon approaching her

house, I could hear her telling Kelly, my daughter, that she was calling the

police. I ran up to the house and ask her “What’s going on”? Her husband

starting yelling at me to get that vicious killer dog off his property. Then

he commenced to kick my dog. At this time, Chance was so afraid that he

ran back home with his tail between his legs.

To my surprise, I was totally blown away by the actions of my

friends, especially after hearing her husband s description of my dog. They

informed the police that a furious terrifying aggressive Pit Bull attack and bit

her husband s arm and that this dog needed to be put down. Of course, the

police where there immediately. By the time the police arrived, Jennifer, my

friend I thought discovered that her cat had bit her husband not my dog.

Now Chance, has never done anything to warrant this type of attitude

or behavior from my neighbors. Upon bring Chance home, this dog was a

scared of his shadow. Once, he ran from my coat hanging on the back

of the kitchen chair. He doesn t bark, growl, or take any aggressive

behavior toward anyone or anything. He is exactly what we wanted for our

family. A beautiful lovable cute and cuddly friendly friend. Man s Best

Friend – A Dog.

In conclusion, I like to say we got exactly what we were looking for.

Chance is the best dog anyone could have. He s part of our family in all

aspects. He sleeps and eats in the house. He loves to cuddly with the kids at

night when they are asleep. He has a special place at the foot of our bed, but

he likes to use our pillows instead. It s unfortunately that society makes

judgments by the covers of people or things, before really looking deep

inside. Not all Pit Bulls are raised to be aggressive and attack other animals.

It s like raising children, if a child is mistreated and abuse as a youngster,

they grow up only knowing that kind of behavior. Then they become

aggressive and abusive as adults and the pattern goes on from generation to

generation. It s the same with the Pit Bulls. If they are raised properly, with

love and corrective discipline and training, they to grow up to be the best

dog anyone could ever have. You can take any breed of animal and make

them a Killer, it all depends on how they are treated. Chance will never be

the KILLER PIT BULL, he is to much like a cute cuddly baby; that just

wants to be treated with respect and love.

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