Учебное пособие: Методические указания и тематика контрольных работ по дисциплине: «Английский язык» для студентов 2 курса по заочной форме обучения по специальности 080109 «Бухгалтерский учет, анализ и аудит»


Федеральное агентство по образованию


Кафедра общегуманитарных дисциплин


Протокол № 1 от 22.09.2009г.

Методические указания и тематика контрольных работ

по дисциплине:

«Английский язык»

для студентов 2 курса по заочной форме обучения

по специальности

080109 «Бухгалтерский учет, анализ и аудит»

080507 «Менеджмент организации»

080301 «Коммерция (торговое дело)»

г. Новосибирск 2009

Автор — составитель: Коломейцев Е.А., преподаватель.



По курсу «Английский язык» студент выполняет одну контрольную работу и представляет ее до сессии в соответствии с графиком деканата.

Оформление работы. Работа должна быть написана аккуратно, разборчиво. В ней должны присутствовать титульный лист: название вуза ГОУ ВПО НФ РГТЭУ, название предмета и темы работы, факультет (специальность), курс, группа, фамилия, имя, отчество студента.

Контрольная работа оценивается двумя способами – «зачтено», «незачтено».

Если работа не зачтена, студент переделывает работу по той же теме.

Без зачета по контрольной работе студент к сессии и сдаче экзамена (зачета) не допускается.

Если при написании контрольной работы возникнут какие-либо вопросы, следует обратиться к преподавателям кафедры за консультацией.

A. Choose the correct item.

11. Do you know what he… for a living? -A) does B) makes C) is D) has

12. Mozart is regarded… the greatest

composer of his time.

A) such B) as C) like D) so

13. She was the… fascinating person he had ever spoken to.

A) less B) more C) much D) most

14. He didn't… me he was looking for a job.

A) say B) told

C) said D) tell

15. She… she would phone me the next day.

A) says B) said C) tells D) told

16. Billiards… his favourite game.

A) are B) be C) were D) is

17. It is said that… English make the best beer.

A) an B) — C) the D) some

18. The criminal was sent to… prison for five years A) — В) а С) the D) an

19. I'd like… milk in my tea, please.

A) few B) a few C) a little D) little

20… is your favourite singer; Kylie or

Britney Spears?

A) Whose B) Which C) Where D) What

1. You should stop working so…

A) hardly B) strong C) hard D) strongly

2. It sounded… a baby crying but it was

our cat.

A) like B) as C) so D) if

3. If you want to see the director, you'll have to

… an appointment.

A) do B) make C) face D) construct

4. We were having… nice time at the party

that we stayed late.

A) so B) such C) such a D) very

5. Sally is… more clever than her brother.

A) much B) very C) so D) many

6. I go to the dentist… often than I used to.

A) much B) more C) most D) very

7. Where… the compasses?

A) is B) are C) was D) do

8. Margarine is… fattening than butter. -

A) less B) least C) few D) fewer

9. There's the man… stole my radio!

A) what B) which C) whom D) who

10. He invited his two… to the party.

A) sisters-in-law B) sister-in-laws

C) sisters'-in-law D) sister's-in-law

B. Fill in the correct preposition or adverb.

21. We had to put… our skiing trip until Tom's leg got better.

22. As I'd missed the last bus home, my friend put me… for the night.

23. While I was cleaning my room, I ran… some of my old school exercise books.

24. The letters C.I.D. stand… Criminal Investigation Department.

25. He borrowed money from the bank to set… his new business.

С Fill in \he correct preposition.

26. My father wasn't satisfied… my school report.

27. She's trying to think… a name for her new dog.

28. I'm very suspicious… my neighbour. He's always acting strangely.

29. I met my uncle… chance in the supermarket.

30. It's a waste… money to spend more than £50 on a pair of shoes.

D. Rephrase the following sentences using the words in bold type.

31. Although she's rich, she isn't very happy. IN SPITE OF

32. Terry works harder than June. DOESN'T

33. It wasn't necessary for him to pay me. NEEDN'T

34. It was the first time he had seen a dolphin. BEFORE

35. Colin is the best chess player of all. OTHER"

E. Complete the sentences using an appropriate word or phrase.

36. Fred was… that he could lift a 100 kg weight.

37. If you… my birthday, I would have been very angry.

38. Tony… head by a man with a baseball bat.

39. We put on heavy clothes… get cold on our journey.

40… he was only 2 years old, he could write his name.

F. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

Simon wishes he (41)… (be) bigger. When he was at school he (42)… (laugh at) by

the other boys because he was so small. If he (43)… (be) stronger, he would have

been able to fight them. Now he is 20 but he's still very small. He (44)… (recently/

advise) by a friend to join a gym, but he is afraid that if he goes there, everyone (45)…

(tease) him.

G. Turn the following sentences into the Causative form.

46. Ted has asked a carpenter to put in new windows.

47. Tommy's mother washes his clothes for him.

48. She may ask the hairdresser to perm her hair tomorrow.

49. The servant is cleaning Lord Sutcliffe's shoes at the moment.

50. James asked the mechanic to repair his car.

H. Rewrite the sentences putting the words in the correct order.

51. home / early / arrived / they / this evening

52. Look at that / black / police / Alsatian / beautiful / dog

53. she / a(n) / bought / new / expensive / silk / black / dress

54. the dog / all night / in the garden / noisily / barked

55. I'd like / a / medium-rare / big / steak / please

56. almost I never / he / for work / is / late

57. often / last / the / student / she / to finish / is / the test

58. ' probably / James / won't / see /1 / tomorrow /until

59. He always / nearly / all the way / runs / to school

60. exercises / difficult /1 think / these / are / extremely

I. Rewrite the following in Reported Speech using appropriate introductory verbs.

61. «I'm sorry for being so angry last night,» he said.

62. «I didn't tell them your secret,» he said to Tom.

63. «My husband is always forgetting our wedding anniversary,» she said. «And he never remembers my birthday either.»

64. «Let's have a quiet night at home for a change,» he said.

65. «O.K. I'll help you with the housework as long as you do the washing-up,» he said to her.


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