Лекция: UN officials set to take part in high-level meeting on challenges facing Yemen

UN (Reuters) — The United Nations political chief will head a delegation from the world body taking part in tomorrow’s international high-level meeting in London on the situation in Yemen, amid rising concerns about the possible influence of Al-Qaida and other radical elements in the Arab country.

B. Lynn Pascoe, Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, is among the UN officials participating in the gathering, which will also examine economic, development and humanitarian issues.

The British Prime Minister has organized the[2] one-day conference, which aims to bring together representatives of the Yemeni Government, the UN and the broader international community to determine how they can best jointly tackle the major challenges facing Yemen, including the threat posed by terrorism.

Sustained international support will be needed to ensure Yemen’s prosperity, security and stability, a UN spokesperson said today, stressing that it is hoped the conference will be the start of a long-term process of cooperation between Yemeni authorities and the country’s regional and international partners.


4. Sudanese Polls a Milestone: UN


UN (Reuters) — Presidential and parliamentary elections in Sudan in April marked an important milestone in the implementation of the peace agreement that ended civil war in the country despite some natural challenges, the UN Secretary-General says in a new report, urging both parties to the deal to continue their efforts to expand the democratic process.

“I strongly encourage both Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) partners to maintain and expand the democratic space, including, in particular, the interim constitution of the Sudan,” Mr. Ban says in a report to the Security Council on the implementation of the peace agreement.

In his report to the Security Council, the Secretary-General says that the referendums will require significant international support to be viewed as credible, but notes that while both parties have indicated their desire for extensive United Nations involvement in the processes, they have yet to agree on the precise scope of the UN role.


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