Лекция: Упр. 2. Переведите следующие предложения, содержащие герундиальный оборот на русский язык.


  1. Apart from this being extremely foolhardy and dangerous the man has also committed a criminal act.
  2. The Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales has warned that the fairness of trials may be at risk owingto jurors turning to the Internet for research.
  3. There is a far greater likelihood of a successful jihadist attack being conducted in the West by a lone attacker than by a member of the Al-Qaeda core.
  4. A crisis of this magnitude cannot happen without radical left-wing factions emerging.
  5. The US was concerned with the possibility of Saudi Arabia trying to arrange its own deal with Iran before Washington made a move.
  6. Responding to a question on the involvement of United Nations agencies on reports of involuntary drug treatment being carried out by some countries, the reporter said there was a debate within the Organization about whether such treatment methods were valid.
  7. Photographs taken more than 120 years ago showing 100 striking miners' families being evicted from their homes are to go on display.
  8. In September the Bill made it to the Lords, leading to more amendments being tabled. It was expected to return to the Commons in spring.
  9. This chemical reaction also leads to CO2 reacting with the rocks and being removed from the atmosphere.
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