Лекция: Примечание

1. Вместо предлога At, в некоторых случаях, могут употребляться предлоги By и With:

We were shocked by his behaving.
Мы были шокированы его поведением.

I am disappointed with your failing the exams.
Я разочарован тем, что ты провалил экзамены.

2. Чтобы сделать отрицание, нужно поставить перед герундием отрицательную частицу Not.

I was surprised at not finding the money.
Я был удивлен тем, что не нашел деньги.



Приложение №2

План реферирования газетной статьи


1. The headline of the article is… (The article is headlined ..., The headline of the article I've read is...)
2. The author of the article is...
3. The article is taken from the newspaper...
4. The central idea of the article is about… (The main idea of the article is… the article is devoted to… the article deals with… the article touches upon… the purpose of the article is to give the reader some information on… the aim of the article is to provide a reader with some material on...)
5. Give a summary of the article (no more than 10-20 sentences).
6. State the main problem discussed in the article and mark off the passages of the article that seem important to you.
7. Look for minor peculiarities of the article.
8. Point out the facts that turned out to be new for you.
9. Look through the text for figures, which are important for general understanding.
10. State what places of the article contradict your former views.
11. State the questions, which remained unanswered in the article and if it is possible add your tail to them.
12. Speak on the conclusion the author comes to.

13. Express your own point of view on the problem discussed.

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