Лекция: Правила чтения гласных в 4-х типах ударного слога



Гласные буквы Тип слога а о e u i, y
I (открытый) [eı] [əυ] [i:] [ju:] [aı]
tape no me due line
date mode eve use by
save pole cede mute type
II (закрытый) [æ] [ɔ] [e] [л] [ı]
bad not net rub disk
add odd end cut rhythm
scrap spot help pulse 'system
III (гласная + r в конце слова или перед согласной) [α:] [ɔ:] [ɜ:] [ɜ:] [ɜ:]
star or her fur stir
mark form serve turn firm
hard sport term burden myrtle
IV (гласная + r + е или другая читаемая гласная) [eə] [ɔ:] [ıə] [jυə] [aıə]
ware ore here cure wire
share core mere en'dure de'sire
'vary store 'hero 'fury 'tyro


1. Пользуясь таблицей чтения гласных, распределите слова вместе с транскрипцией по ячейкам таблицы:

huge, fly, step, same, drum, close, third, tag, more, file, print, fare, solid, sharp, code, page, concept, secure, cite, inform, declare, before, wise, pence, change, plus, charge, pure, zone, hire, verb, hum, trap, era, sore, burn, born, part, induce, vote, circle, test, bare, tune, flag, soft, sere, dire, myth, hurl, byte, circus, during, synonym


2. Прочтите слова:

arc, rare, scale, line, in’form, nest, charge, `digit, these, `Byron, `tired, se`lect, re`verse, those, `copy, `margin, `symbol, circle, core, re`duce, re`turn, com`pile, space, bad, `merely, dump, `urgent, de`sire, she, gun, synthesis, `symptom, im`portant, tyke.


Дополнительные тренировочные упражнения расположены в Приложениях А и Б.

Буква A a



[eı] [æ] [α:] [eə] [ə] [ı] [-(ə)] [ıt(ət)/eıt]
name made take face basic man bad bag lamp flat far park dark farm hard dare mare rare fare vary a′go ′balance ′savage ′capital ′delicate, ′activate


Ex. 1.Bade, save, grade, made, safe, later, name, pale, face, plate, date, male, take, cake, lake, race, place, fame, fate, tape, gate, snake, Kate, ate.

Ex. 2. Add, ham, lamp, pan, flat, lab, pal, parrot, fact, fancy, barrel, marry, man, pant, Alma, ′balcony, Ann, hat, lap, happy, camel, cat, plan, cabin.

Ex. 3.Hard, dark, car, park, far, arm, farce, start, farm, bard, card, art, party, army, hardly, star, bar, starve, part, mark, charge, arc.

Ex. 4.Bare, com′pare, rare, dare, a′ware, mare, pre′pare, fare, care, parents, ′careful, hare, de′clare, share, scared, snare, Clare, ware, vary.

Ex. 5.A′bandon, ′abacus, a′blaze, ′valance, a′bridge, a′but, a′buse, ′cartage, ′garbage, cer′tificate (n/v), ad′vantage, ′capital, ′ordinal, ′decimal, ′digital, ′sanitate (v), ca′pacitate (v), ′desolate (a/v), in′criminate.

Ex. 6.Blame, mate, make, fat, van, ′linage, hard, com′pare, sand, a′drift, lad, sane, far, arm, dark, ′cabbage, car, lamp, stamp, sale, a′wake, late, plan, ′language, vale, rare, Clare, bat, nave, ′balance, dare, care, a′fraid, mark, im′mortal, ′validate.

Ex. 7.

1. Jake named the baby Jane. 2. It is late. 3. That’s bad. 4. Clare’s parents are aware of his care. 5. Be careful! 6. Hang the hat on the hat-rack. 7. Start the car! 8. Fancy! Fancy that! 9. It is hard to understand that. 10. Art article is large. 11. That fat cat hates my dog Clare. 12. The hare is in the snare. 13. I hardly like the remark.


ai [eı], aight[eıt] ay [eı] air [eə] au [ɔ:], aught [ɔ:t] aw [ɔ:] al+ согл. [ɔ:]
wait day air auto law fall
rain may hair pause saw hall
mail pay lair autumn [əm] dawn wall
straight ray fair naughty pawn walk
main way pair Paul maw talk


ass [α:s] ast [α:st] ask [α:sk] asp[α:sp], aft [α:ft] ath [α:θ] [α:ð]
pass fast ask grasp path
brass vast mask after bath
grass last bask draft father
glass past task craft rather


А. May, mask, grasp, main, brass, path, add, father, a′rise, lake, draft, hail, ball, dare, cat, cause, fall, way, far, task, lair, face, bare, vast, craft, il′luminate (v), dawn, fray, share, cart, ′luggage, bath, ′orbital, blame, walk, last, rat, ′delicate, pawn, say, ′parlance, autumn, pair, taught, lark, fair, ′domical, basket, train, Dave, ′carriage, chairman, draw, stair-case, small, snack, daughter, ′liquidate (v), straight, train, pale, gave, claw, sauna, a′gain, Grace, ′valance.


B. 1. It may rain to′day. 2. Take it straight a′way! 3. It’s all my fault. 4. The father asks him after classes. 5. Tom’s mask is rather nasty. 6. Well, I declare! 7. What’s the air fare? 8. Bear and forebear. 9. Paul likes small talk. 10. His parents are scared. 11. Cars are parked after dark. 12. That’s bad grammar.


Dialogue: Admiration

Mark:Look at that car! What a fast car!

Ted: What a funny dancer!

Nick: What a marvelous photograph!

Ben: What a fantastic guitar!


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