Лекция: Упр.4. Переведите предложения на русский язык.

  1. The EU foreign affairs chief is expected to visit Egypt to hold talks with Egyptian officials.
  2. The Salvadorian President is scheduled to meet with the Columbian President and business representatives.
  3. Because of procedural differences, legislation in the French Parliament is much less likely to be amended in passage than in British.
  4. The Secretary of State is said firmly to favour the diplomatic route, albeit with tougher sanctions.
  5. The vice-president leads the more hawkish wing, which the President’s remarks appeared to refer to.
  6. Tempers were raised as it became clear that the Greek-Cypriots are likely to reject the UN’s unification plan for Cyprus.
  7. Aristotle, who is normally thought to be a political theorist, carried out a comparative study of the political systems known to him.
  8. Government can be taken to include any mechanism through which ordered rule is maintained.
  9. Government is more commonly understood to refer to the formal and institutional processes which operate at the national level to maintain order and facilitate collective action.
  10. The problem with all the four US wars in Asia is that they were not wars in a conventional sense and did not use the military as militaries are supposed to be used.
  11. Popular criticism does not seem to have dampened enthusiasm for the referendum.
  12. The struggle has had many phases, and it appears to have entered a new one over the past few weeks.
  13. The demonstrators are deeply divided among themselves and thus far do not appear to have been able to generate the type of mass movement that toppled the Shah of Iran’s regime in 1979.
  14. Modern lone-wolf terrorism is widely considered to have emerged in the 1800s.



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