Лекция: Lab work 8 Consonant clusters

Exercise 1 Devoicing of [l, r, w, j]

When [l, r, w, j] follow [p, t, k] in syllable-initial position they are produced as voiceless, slightly fricative sounds. Listen and repeat:

pleI play treI tray klIq clear
preI pray twIn twin kraI cry
pjH pew tjHn tune kjH queue


Exercise 2 Repetition of initial clusters

Listen and repeat:

Two consonants Three consonants
spPt spot plaV plough spleI splay
stqVn stone twIst twist spreI spray
skeIt skate krJm cream spjH spew
sfIq sphere pjVq pure streI stray
smaIl smile fleIm flame stjH stew
snqV snow SrINk shrink skrH screw
slxm slam vjH view skwPS squash
swIC switch TwLt thwart skjH skew


Exercise 3 Final plosive-plus-plosive clusters

a) Listen and repeat:

pxkt packed rIgd rigged
bxgd bagged dAkt duct
drPpt dropped lept leapt
rPbd robbed grxbd grabbed


b) It is difficult to hear the difference between, for example, ‘dropped back’ and ‘drop back’, since in the normal pronunciation only the last plosive of the cluster is audibly released. The main difference is that the three-consonant cluster is longer. Listen and repeat:

grxbd bqVT grabbed both grxb bqVT grab both
laIkt Dqm liked them laIk Dqm like them
hPpt bxk hopped back hPp bxk hop back
lVkt fLwqd looked forward lVk fLwqd look forward
pegd daVn pegged down peg daVn peg down
wIpt krJm whipped cream wIp krJm whip cream


Exercise 4 Recognition

Look at the items of Exercise 3(b) above. When you hear one of them, say “A” if you hear an item from the left-hand column, or “B” if you hear one from the right-hand column. You will then hear the correct answer and the item will be said again for you to repeat (1…6).



Exercise 5 Final clusters of three and four consonants

Listen and repeat:

helps helps twelfTs twelfths rJCt reached
sIksT sixth nekst next teksts texts
TxNkt thanked reInGd ranged  
eGd edged rIsks risks  


Exercise 6 Pronouncing consonant clusters

When you hear the number, say the word. You will then hear the correct pronunciation which you should repeat.

1. skreIpt 3. klqVDz 5. krAnCt 7. plAnGd
2. grAGd 4. skrIpts 6. TrqVnz 8. kwenC


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