Лекция: Lab work 4 Plosives

Exercise 1 Repetition of initial plosives

Each word begins with a fortis plosive; notice that the plosive is aspirated. Listen and repeat:

paw [pL] toe [tqV] tar [tR]
tea [tJ] care [keq] pay [peI]
car [kR] two [tH]  
pie [paI] key [kJ]  


Each word begins with a lenis plosive; notice that there is practically no voicing of the plosive. Listen and repeat:

bee [bJ] do [dH] bough [baV]
door [dL] gear [gIq] day [deI]
go [gqV] boy [bOI]  
bear [beq] dear [dIq]  


The plosive must be unaspirated. Listen and repeat:

spy [spaI] steer [stIq] sky [skaI]
store [stL] score [skL] spar [spR]
ski [skJ] spear [spIq]  
spare [speq] stay [steI]  


Exercise 2 Repetition of final plosives

In the pairs of words in this exercise one word ends with a fortis plosive and the other ends with a lenis plosive. Notice the length difference in the vowel. Listen to each pair and repeat:

Fortis followed by lenis Lenis followed by fortis
mate made meIt meId code coat kqVd kqVt
rope robe rqVp rqVb bid bit bId bIt
leak league lJk lJg lobe lope lqVb lqVp
cart card kRt kRd heard hurt hE:d hE:t
back bag bxk bxg brogue broke brqVg brqVk


Exercise 3 Identification of final plosives

You will hear the twenty words of Exercise 2. Each will be one of a pair. You must choose whether the word is one ending with a fortis plosive or the one ending with a lenis plosive; when you hear the word, say “fortis” if you heard the word on the left, or “lenis” if you heard the word on the right. You will hear he correct answer and the word will be said again for you to repeat.

Fortis Lenis Fortis Lenis
coat [kqVt] code [kqVd] mate [meIt] made [meId]
leak [lJk] league [lJg] coat [kqVt] code [kqVd]
hurt [hE:t] heard [hE:d] leak [lJk] league [lJg]
bit [bIt] bid [bId] rope [rqVp] robe [rqVb]
mate [meIt] made [meId] hurt [hE:t] heard [hE:d]
lope [lqVp] lobe [lqVb] broke [brqVk] brogue [brqVg]
back [bxk] bag [bxg] lope [lqVp] lobe [lqVb]
cart [kRt] card [kRd] bit [bIt] bid [bId]
broke [brqVk] brogue [brqVg] back [bxk] bag [bxg]
rope [rqVp] robe [rqVb] cart [kRt] card [kRd]

Each of the words which follow ends with a plosive. Write the symbol for each plosive when you hear the word (1…10). Each will be said twice.


Exercise 4 Repetition of words containing plosives

The following words contain several plosives. They are given in spelling and transcription. Listen and repeat:

potato [pqteItqV] carpeted [kRpItId]
topic [tPpIk] bodyguard [bPdIgRd]
petticoat [petIkqVt] tobacco [tqbxkqV]
partake [pRteIk] doubted [daVtId]
cupboard [kAbqd] decode [dJkqVd]
decapitated [dIkxpIteItId] bigoted [bIgqtId]
pocket [pPkIt] about [qbaVt]


Exercise 5 Reading of words in transcription

When you hear the number, pronounce the word given in transcription taking care to pronounce the plosives correctly and putting the strongest stress on the syllable preceded by the stress mark. You will then hear the correct pronunciation, which you should repeat.

1. dI'beIt 5. dI'keId 9. bH'tJk
2. 'kPpId 6. 'gRdId 10. 'xpItaIt
3. 'bAtqkAp 7. 'dedIkeItId  
4. 'kVkH 8. 'pxdqk  
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