Лекция: Lab work 15 Tones

Exercise 1 Repetition of tones

Listen and repeat:

Fall: yes no well four
Rise: yes no well four
Fall-rise: yes no well four
Rise-fall: yes no well four
Level: _yes _no _well _four


Exercise 2 Production of tones

When you hear the number, say the syllable with the tone indicated:

1. them 5. what 9. now
2. why 6. no 10. end
3. well 7. here  
4. John 8. you  


Exercise 3 Identification

You will hear each syllable twice. Write an appropriate tone symbol (1…10).


Exercise 4 Production in context

When you hear the sentence, say the response with the tone indicated.

Hello, is that 661071? yes
Do you know any scientists? some
Keep away from the road! why
How many dogs have you got? two
Have you ever heard such a terrible thing? no
What colour is your car? red
Do you want my plate? please
Don’t you like it? yes
You haven’t seen my watch, have you? no
What was the weather like? wet



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