Лекция: Lab work 13 Revision

Exercise 1 Reading unfamiliar words from transcription

The following are British place-names written in transcription. When you hear the number, say the word, making sure that the stress is correctly placed. You will then hear the correct pronunciation which you should repeat.

1. 'kqVlCIstq 6. «hPlI'hed
2. kR'laIl 7. 'frxmlINqm
3. 'herIfqd 8. saVT'end
4. 'skAnTLp 9. 'Celtnqm
5. glq'mLgqn 10. „Invq'nes


Exercise 2 Transcription of unfamiliar words

The following are also place-names. Each will be said twice; write what you hear in transcription, including stress marks (1…10).


Exercise 3 Stress placement in sentences

Put a stress mark ( ) before each syllable you would expect to be stressed in the following sentences.

1. James decided to type the letter himself.

2. The plane was approaching the runway at high speed.

3. Try to see the other person’s point of view.

4. You put your brakes on when the light turns to red.

5. In a short time the house was full of children.


Exercise 4 Pronunciation of stressed syllables

When you hear the number, say the sentence from the list in Exercise 3 taking care to stress the correct syllables. You will then hear the correct version, which you should repeat (1…5).


Exercise 5 Weak forms

Transcribe the following sentences, taking care to give the correct weak forms (1…5).



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