Лекция: Lab work 11 Complex word stress

Exercise 1 Stress-carrying suffixes

When you hear the number, pronounce the word with stress on the suffix. You will then hear the correct pronunciation which you should repeat.

1. -ain: entertain «entq'teIn 4. -ese: Portuguese „pLCq'gJz
2. -ee: refugee “refjV'GJ 5. -ette: cigarette „sIgq'ret
3. -eer: mountaineer “maVntI'nIq 6. -esque: picturesque „pIkCq'resk


When you hear the stem word, say the word with the given suffix, putting the stress on that suffix. In these examples, a secondary stress comes on the penultimate syllable of the stem.

employ + -ee absent + -ee

engine + -eer profit + -eer

Sudan + -ese Pekin + -ese

usher + -ette statue + -ette


Exercise 2 Neutral suffixes

When you hear the stem word, add the suffix without changing the stress.

comfort + -able power + -less

anchor + -age hurried + -ly

refuse + -al punish + -ment

wide + -en yellow + -ness

wonder + -ful poison + -ous

amaze + -ing glory + -fy

devil + -ish other + -wise

bird + -like fun + -y


Exercise 3 Stress-moving suffixes

When you hear the stem word, say it with the suffix added and put the stress on the last syllable of the stem.

advantage + -eous injure + -ious

photo + -graphy tranquil + -ity

proverb + -ial reflex + -ive

climate + -ic embryo + -logy



Exercise 4 Compound words

When you hear the number, say the item.

a) First element adjectival, stress on second element.

1. loudspeaker 4. second-class

2. bad-tempered 5. three-wheeler

3. headquarters

b) First element nominal, stress on first element.

1. typewriter 4. suitcase

2. car-ferry 5. tea-cup

3. sunrise

c) Mixture of type (a) and (b).

1. long-suffering 4. red-blooded

2. gunman 5. gear-box

3. shoelace 6. overweight


Exercise 5 Word-class pairs

You will hear the number of the item and its word-class. Stress the second syllable if it is a verb; stress the first syllable if it is a noun or adjective.

1. abstract (adj) 7. export (v) 13. present (adj)
2. conduct (v) 8. import (n) 14. produce (v)
3. contract (n) 9. insult (v) 15. protest (n)
4. contrast (v) 10. object (n) 16. rebel (v)
5. desert (n) 11. perfect (adj) 17. record (n)
6. escort (n) 12. permit (v) 18. subject (n)


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