The US Congress is the lawmaking arm of the federal government. It consistsof two houses: the House of Representatives and the Senate.

First the legislation, or bill goes to the House of Representatives, thento one of the committees, which organizes hearings. It mау approve, amend or shelve the draft. If the committee passesthe bill, it is considered in the House of Representatives. If passed there, it goes to the Senate for committee hearings and general debate.

Finally, it must be signed by the president, who has the right to veto it. If the president vetoes а bill, it can still become а law — but only if it is passed by а two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress.


Слова и выражения:


lawmaking arm– закон творящая рука

consist of smth. (v) – состоять из чего-либо

hearings (n, C/U) – слушания (дела, законопроекта и т.д.)

approve (v) - одобрять

amend (v) – улучшать, исправлять

shelve (v) ставить на полку, откладывать

draft (n, C) проект

pass (v) - проходить

the right to veto – право вето

II. Ответьте на следующие вопросы.


1. In which House does a new legislation usually start in the USA?

2. What does the US Congress consist of?

3. Where does the legislation go first and then?

4. Where are the hearings organized?

5. What happens when a draft is approved or shelved?

6. What for does a draft bill go to the Senate?

7. How does a bill become finally a law?


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