Лекция: Упр. 367. Переведите на русский язык, обращая внимание на независимый причастный оборот.

1. This being understood,the conference was over 2. The constraint caused by the old man's presence having worn off a little,the conversation became more lively. 3. This done, and Sikes having satis­fied his appetite,the two men lay down on chairs for a short nap. 4. The concert being over,the lot­tery came next. 5. Dinner being over,the old lady asked Barbara to come and sit on the sofa near her. 6. Then, the house search provingthat she was not there, Asa went outside to look up and down the street. 7. All the necessary preparations having been made with utmost secrecy,the army launched an attack. 8. The treaty having been signed,trade was at once resumed. 9. About eleven o'clock, the snow having thawed, and the day being finer and a little warmer than the previous one,he went out again. 10. Dinner being over,we assembled in the draw­ing-room. 11. The fifth of June arriving,they de­parted. 12. His directions to the porter finished,he came up to his niece. 13. The cathode heated,the electrons leave the surface and move to the anode. 14. Electrons moving through a wire,electrical energy is generated. Sir Henry was deep in his papers, his long white hands moving nervously.

Сэр Генри был погружен в свои бумаги, причем (а)его длинные белые руки нервно двигались.

Упр. 368. Переведите на русский язык, об­ращая внимание на независимый причастный оборот.

1. They went down the stairs together, Aileen lingering behind a little.2. He lifted the lid and kept it in his hand while she was drinking, both standing. 3.She danced light as a feather, eyes shining, feet flying, her body bent a little forward.4. We walked very slowly home, Agnes and I ad­miring the moonlight,and Mr. Wickfield scarcely rising his eyes from the ground.5. They walked quickly through street after street, the Dodger leading and Oliver at his heels. 6.He was stand­ing there silent, a bitter smile curling his lips.7. The dog sat close to the table, his tail thumping now and again upon the floor, his eyes fixed ex­pectantly on his master.8. Then they heard the noise of the plane, its shadow passing over the open glade.9. She remembered him talking, his glasses magnifying his round blue eyes. 10.She sat staring into the fire, the sock forgotten on her knee.11. He heard the bathers coming up the sandy road, their voices ringing through the quiet.12. They continued their way, the boy sobbing qui­etly, the man ashamed.13. The electrons move with varying velocities, their velocity depending on the temperature and nature of the material.14. Any moving object can do work, the quantity of kinetic energy depending on its mass and ve­locity.15. Radio was invented in Russia, its in­ventor being the Russian scientist A. S. Popov.

She stood silent, her lips pressed together.

Она стояла молча, плотно сжав губы.

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