Лекция: Richard is driving Vic to his place.

— I'd love to stay with your people tonight. Are we going to your apartment?

— Oh, no. My real home is a country house on Long Island.

— Is it very far from New York?

— No, it isn't. Most days I drive there. But a few nights a month I have to stay in my apartment.

— You have to?

— Yes, when I work late in my office. But that doesn't happen very often.

— I've heard a lot about traffic jams. Do they happen often?

— Yes, they do. And sometimes I have to take a train with thousands of other commuters.

— How long does it take to get there?

— It usually takes an hour.

— Is your house big?

— We've moved just recently. We can afford a bigger house now.

— I've heard houses are pretty expensive, aren't they?

— Yes, they are.

— Did you buy it?

— Yes, I did. But it isn't quite my own.

— What do you mean?

— I made a down payment of 30% and took out a loan from the bank.

— What's your payment plan?

— I have to pay it back over thirty years.

— But it's worth it, of course.




— I wish we had an office like this in Petersburg. — I wish I hadn't said it. — I'm sorry I didn't know about your arrival.   — It's a pity you are so short of lime. We could see some more of the city. — I'm sorry I can't stay any longer. I've got to go. — Too bad I can't accompany you to Washington. I'm going to be busy the whole week. — Isn't yours as good? — It's right, I understand. — It's all right, Richard's 14 met me. — I wish I could.   — That's a shame. I wish you could stay to meet the family. — Yes, I wish we could spendmore time together.

What Shall We Do This Evening?

English people frequently take bottles of drink with them to parties and give them to the host on arrival. They are then put with the other bottles for everybody to drink. A bottle of spirits or wine, or several bottles of beer are suitable. It is sometimes difficult to know what a real invitation is and what is not! If someone says «You really must come and see us one of these days», the best tactic is to reply «Thank you very much. I love meeting English people» and then wait to see whether a specific date is mentioned.

A: How about coming out for a drink with me this evening?

В: I'd like that very much. Thank you.

A: Shall we say round about eight?

В: Fine. Seе you then.



— Why don't we go for a drive in the country?

— That would be very nice. Thank you.

— I'll pick you up about 7.30.

— Right. See you later.



— Do you feel like going to the cinema?

— That sounds like a good idea. Thank you.

— Let's make it 6.30 at your place.

— That'll be OK by me.



— Would you like to come to a party with me tonight?

— I'd love to. Thank you very much.

— I'll call round for you after supper.

— OK. I'll be ready.


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