Лекция: Rich comes to his friend Phil. He has an apartment in the American Embassy in Moscow.

— Hi, Phil. Here I am at last.

— Hi, Rich. Are you tired?

— No, I'm not. I didn't fly here.

— How did you come?

— By train.

— By the Red Arrow? That's the best train from Petersburg.

— Yeah, I feel better after a good night sleep on the train. Actually, I wanted to fly, but then I changed my mind.

— That was the right thing to do. They often cancel flights because of weather. Last time I spent four hours in the airport.

— Did you get on your flight after that?

— Yes, I did. But I spent so much time in the airport. Any sightseeing tomorrow?

— Yes, I'd like to take a guided tour tomorrow.

— What about the Kremlin?

— We can go there together, but not tomorrow.

— Then the day after tomorrow? I have only two days in Moscow.

— Okay. The day after tomorrow is okay for me. Did you have much time for sightseeing in Petersburg?

— Not very much. But I liked Petersburg a lot.

— Did you go to the Hermitage?

— Yeah, I went there with Victor, my Russian friend.

Many people like Petersburg better than Moscow. That's typical. But I like Moscow — after all, I live here right now.



Could you reserve a flight to Moscow for me? Is it better to go to Moscow by train? What is the best train from Petersburg to Moscow? What should I see in Mos­cow?     I intend to go to Zagorsk for the weekend. Why don't you go by train?   Yes, I advise you to go by train. If I were you I'd go on the Red Arrow. It's the best train. You should see the Kremlin first, and then you must visit the Tretyakov Art Gallery and the Pushkin Museum. But you'd better ask somebody about the best time to visit them. If I were you I wouldn't go there for the weekend, because it is difficult to get tickets. It would be better to go there on Monday.



I don't think you should spend too much time in the office. There is so much to see in Petersburg. Where do you think I should go this afternoon?
Well, I advise you not to waste time on the less well known museums. You must see the Hermitage, the Rus­sian Museum, and you should visit Petrodvorets. What is the best time to go to Petrodvorets?
I advise you to go there on a weekday. Don't go there on the weekend. There are too many people there.  



Do I need to make reservations for a room at a hotel (for a hotel room)?   Yes, I think, you do.
Should I visit your office on Wednesday? Yes, please do.
Is it necessary for me to make re­servations for train tickets? Yes, I think it is.
Must I wait for your boss? Yes, I think, you must.
Do I have to get a visa? Yes, you do.
Do I need to go to the airport with you? No, you don't.
Do you want me to translate for you? No, I can understand him.
Is it necessary for me to check the suitcase? No, it isn't.
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