Лекция: Read this short presentation of the management team of this British company. Then write the correct letters (a-n) in the right places in the organization chart.

At the top of the company, the Chairman of the Board [a] is responsible to the shareholders and the day-to-day running is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) [b], who also has a seat on the Board.

Five directors form the senior management committee of the company. Going from left to right on the organization chart, we start with the Director of Finance [c], who runs his division with his Deputy [d].

Then we have the Director of Operations [e], who is responsible for production and logistics. The Factory Manager [f] answers directly to him.

Next we have the Director of Marketing [g], who is also responsible for sales so the National Sales Manager [h] reports to him on the activities of the whole sales team, which is divided into two regions, north and south, each managed by a regional sales manager [i; j].

The Director of Human Resources [k] has a Training and Development Manager [l] and a Compensation and Benefits Manager [m], who look after the day-to-day running of her department.

Finally, the Director of Research and Development [n] runs a small but important division of the company. She too reports directly to the CEO.

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