Лекция: Reading and Speaking

«Your Job Interview»

1. Complete the interview questions with the correct words: achievement, approach, get, good, know, learn, like, look for, motivates, offer, plan, sort, strengths, tell, weaknesses, work

1) ____ me about yourself.

2) Why should we____ you the job?

3) What is your major___ ?

4) What are you____ at?

5) What______ of person are you?

6) What are your__ and________ ?

7) What do you__ about our organization?

8) How would you__ this job?

9) How do you__ things done?

10) What do you__ in a manager?

11) What___ you ?

12) Do you like to ____ in a team or on your own?

13) What do you ____ best about your current job?

14) What did you ____ in your last job?

15) How long would you ____ to stay with this company?

Here are some other questions you can prepare to ask or answer in a job interview

How important is work to you?

What sort of salary are you expecting?

What will you do if you don’t get this job?

What decisions do you find it easy/difficult to make?


2. Complete the interview questions with the correct words: working, contact, let, moving, send, sharing, start. Then match the questions to the answers

1. Would you mind ………… at weekends?

2 Could you… us have your previous employer's details?

3 Would you mind… our appointment to Monday?

4 Could you… in two weeks' time?

5. Could you… us as soon as possible?

6 Would you mind… an office with three other people?

7 Could you… us a copy of your certificates?


a) Not at all, as long as it’s in the morning.

b) Certainly. I'm free to start as soon as you like.

c) Yes. I'll let you know my decision by Friday, if that's all right.

d) Sure. I'll put copies in the post straight away.

e) That's fine, as long as it’s a non-smoking area.

f) How often would that be?

g) Well, in fact they're all included in my CV.



2. Role play «The job interview»


1. Before you read the post, talk about these questions:

How do you answer phone calls from friends? from business partners?

— Why is having good phone etiquette important in business?

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