Лекция: Richard and Victor are in Washington. They are in the hotel now.

— So we are in Washington, D. C.

— D. C? What does the D. C. stand for?

— District of Columbia. It's a special federal district.

— Is it part of the state of Washington?

— No, it doesn't belong to any of the fifty states. Washington State is very far from the capital.

— I see. I'd like know what the neighboring states are.

— The neighboring states are Maryland and Virginia.

— Oh, yes. I read about it in one of the magazines. But I don't remember how large the District is.

— It isn't very large. And the buildings aren't very tall.

— No skyscrapers?

— No. No structure is allowed to be taller than the Capitol.

— Ah, that's why our hotel isn't tall.

— How do you like it?

— It's great. The Ramada Innis a first class hotel.

— Well, it isn't really first class, but it's not bad.

— But I don't know anything about tipping yet.

— You have a tipping guide in the Amtrak timetable. It's a very useful thing to have, even for Americans.

— What's this guide for?

— Tips differ from place to place. Some places are very expensive and you give larger tips. Some are cheap and give smaller tips for services.

— I guess the tipping guide is really useful!


– I like Washington more than New York. I want to visit the Smith­sonian Institution. I don't want to stay here too long. I can't attend the lecture in the afternoon. I don't want to spend another day sightseeing. I can't stand any more mu­seums. So do I. I do too. I don't either/ neither do I. Neither can I. I do. (А я хочу) I can. (А я могу)



— I like Mr. Robertson. I think he's very intelligent and sin­cere (искренний) — I like his wife. I think she's very modest and friendly. — Have you seen their house? I like it it's probably not very modern, but it looks okay. — I don't like Mr. Fisher. He doesn't seem sincere. Do you like him? — Yes, I like him too. I think he's very nice. — Yes, I like her too. She's nice.   — Yes, I like it too. You always feel welcome there.   — No, I don't. I don't like insincere people either.


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