Лекция: The Weather

Foreigners are often amused that the English spend so much time discussing the weather. The reason for this is not simply that our weather is interesting and variable, but that the English are reluctant to converse about personal matters with people who are not friends. Mentioning the weather can be a useful and inoffensive way of starting a conversation with a stranger at a bus stop or in a train.

A: Fairly mild for the time of year.

В: Yes. Quite different from the forecast.

A: They1 say we're in for snow.2

В: Let's hope it keeps fine for the weekend.


1They: the forecasters

2we're in for snow: snow expected.



— It seems to be clearing up.

— It makes a change, doesn't it?

— Apparently it's going to turn colder.

— Still, another month should see us through the worst of it1.


1see us through the worst of it: find us through the worst of the winter and into spring.



— Nice and bright this morning.

— Yes. Much better than yesterday.

— The wind`ll probably get up later.

— As long as it doesn't rain1.


1as long as it doesn't rain: I don't mind what happens pro­vided it doesn't rain.



— It's good to see the sun again.

— A big improvement on what we've been having.

— It's supposed to cloud over this afternoon.

— I didn't think it would last.

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