Лекция: Exercise 2.5

Read the sentences and use a/an or the if necessary. If not, write OK.


1. I saw nice hat on top shelf and decided to buy it. a nice hat, on the top shelf

2. Excuse me, is there Internet café near here? – Take next turning right.

3. What are you doing next Saturday? – I’m going to surf Internet.

4. We’re going to have lunch with our parents next weekend.

5. Are you youngest in your class? – No, Emma is only student who is younger.

6. I was taking my exam in Room 5, in same room with Dave and Jill.

7. Last task was very difficult, nobody could give right answer.

8. It usually takes me hour to go to capital by train. Last week train was late.

9. His house is in same street as my house, on left side.

10. Unfortunately, he gave me wrong address and I couldn’t find him until last year.

11. It’s not easy to make right decision, main thing is to think carefully.

12. Only problem that we had was to find place to live.



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