Лекция: Exercise 2.2

Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect Simple or Continuous. Sometimes both the tenses are possible.


1. Jim (plant) trees in the garden all day. has been planting

2. He (plant) ten trees so far.

3. I can’t drive. I (drink).

4. I (do) my homework. I can go for a walk now.

5. He (work) in this office for a month.

6. The personnel manager (speak) to all the applicants.

7. He (interview) the applicants since morning.

8. I (swim). That’s why my hair is all wet.

9. He (swim) in every ocean in the world.

10. You (smoke) a lot recently. You should smoke less.

11. Somebody (smoke) all my cigarettes.

12. I (hear) from her regularly since she left.

13. He (cough) a lot lately. He should give up smoking.

14. I (teach) hundreds of students but I (never/meet) such a brilliant group!

15. She (hope) for a pay rise for the last two years.

Exercise 2.3

Ask two questions to every sentence starting with How long and How much/How many.


1. I’m learning Japanese.

How long have you been learning it? How many Japanese books have you read?

2. I’m making doughnuts.

3. I’m looking for a job.

4. I’m travelling round Europe.

5. Linda is doing the shopping.

6. Michael is fishing.

7. Andy is selling newspapers in the street.

8. Amanda is answering the phone in the office.

9. Emily is writing letters.

10. Helen is translating a book.


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