Лекция: Exercise 1.5

Put in to or for.


1. Julie went to the shopto buy some mineral water.

2. We went out … have a meal in a restaurant.

3. Kevin is going to university … study foreign languages.

4. My friend is going to Moscow … an interview tomorrow.

5. I’m going to Moscow … see my friends.

6. Have you got time … a cup of tea?

7. I got up late and didn’t have time … have breakfast.

8. My son got up late and didn’t have time … breakfast.

9. We all need love … feel happy.

10. The room is very small. There is space only … a sofa and a table.


Exercise 1.6

Complete the sentences using the words in brackets.


1. Would you like me to go to the cinema with you? (I/go to the cinema with you)

2. I wanted …. (he/tell me the way to the station)

3. I’m not well. I’d like …. (you/call the doctor)

4. Is John free? Mum wants …. (he/help her)

5. The teacher expected …. (we/do the test well)

6. Is that Sue on the phone? I didn’t want …. (she/phone before 8 o’clock)

7. Do you have enough money or would you like …? (I/lend you some)

8. Do you feel all right or do you want …? (Father/take you home)

9. Are they already here? I expected …. (they/come much later)

10. Val’s parents didn’t want …. (he/get married)

11. Would you like …? (I/make you some coffee)

12. We didn’t expect …. (the weather/change so soon)

13. Our neighbours wouldn’t like …. (we/know the truth)

14. Is Kate coming home? I don’t want …. (she/stay outside in such cold weather)

Part II

The Gerund


Ex 2.1

Complete the sentences with one of these words.


cook do drive eat go
have (2) hear leave make open
read see sell smile swim


1. Paul likes driving sports cars.

2. Kate is always in a hurry, but she keeps … all day long.

3. I began … a new novel yesterday.

4. I adore … cakes, but I dislike … meat.

5. Mary enjoyed … me and … all my news.

6. Do you prefer … tea or coffee in the morning?

7. Susan tries to avoid … to the city centre in the rush hour.

8. What time did you finish … your homework last night?

9. Doctors suggest … in the pool two or three times a week.

10. Do you mind … this window for a while?

11. Oh, I’m so tired, I feel like … a break now and … this stuffy office. .

12. Some children can’t stand … fresh vegetables.

13. We are considering … some new brands of clothes in our shop.


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