Лекция: Exercise 2.3

Compete the sentences. Use the First conditional.


1. If you/ join/ a gym/ I/ join/ too. If you join a gym, I will join too.

2. If you/ take/ these pills/ you/ start/ feel/ better/ very soon

3. If I/ go out/ I/ close/ the window

4. We/ catch/ the train/ if we/ run

5. If I/ not feel/ well/ tomorrow/ I/ stay at home

6. If she/ have/ time/ she/ call/ you

7. Mike/ support/ his daughter/ if she/ enter/ university

8. Polly/ be satisfied/ if she/ be successful/ in her career

9. If my company/ buy/ me/ a mobile/ I/ keep it on/ all the time

10. John/ accept/ the job offer/ if the employer/ agree to his conditions.

11. If we/ come to an arrangement/ tomorrow/ we/ start/ the business/ next week.

12. I/ be/ very careful/ if they/ offer me/ to work abroad.



Exercise 2.4

Write the questions.


1. What / Kevin / do/ he / fail the exam? What will Kevin do if he fails the exam?

2. Who / they / invite / their daughter / win the competition?

3. What / you / do / there / be a fire?

4. What / Albert / do / he / decide to set up his own business?

5. Who / you / ask for advice / you / have a problem?

6. What / happen / people / eat only fast food?

7. How much / Donna / earn/ she / star in that film?

8. Where / we / go shopping / the local store / not work?

9. When / I / find out the results / I / take the exam next week?

10. How long / you / stay in the US / you / not find a good job?



Part III

Time and conditional clauses


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