Лекция: Раздел 6.2.

6.2.1. Отработайте произношение данных слов, уточнив их транскрипцию по словарю.


Storey n courtyard n stairwell n stagger v rent v borrow v take for granted convert v stove n rubbish n tile n lurid этаж, ярус двор (при доме) лестничный проём шататься, идти шатаясь арендовать, сдавать в аренду занимать, заимствовать брать/принимать как должное превращать, конвертировать печь, кухонная плита хлам, мусор, чепуха, вздор черепица, кафель огненный, яркий


6.2.2. Прочитайте текст и дайте ответ на вопрос; What kind of a flat does Vivien live in?


Vivien.I live in Budapest, in a flat in the center of town, on the third storey, the third floor, of a building with acourtyardand a big stairwell. There's no lift; unfortunately, which means I have to staggerup three flights ofstairs everyday, a couple of times a day. It's quite a small flat, I don't remember how many square metres it is, but it's pretty small: There's a living room, where we sleep, which I share with my flatmate. It's her flat, so that's quite good. I pay her rent, but fortunately I don't have to pay any of the electricityor gas bills,although I pay the phone bill because I’m always calling England, which makes it very expensive. So, in the main room there's a huge old brick stove, which keeps us goodand warm and is very efficient, and as the flat's quite small it's not expensive to keep it well-heated. This makes a big change from some other flats I've lived in, like in London where I was freezing cold in the winter with no fires or heating of any sort. Then there is a bed and also a sofa-bed, where I sleep, which you can pull out and change from a sofa into a double-size bed. There're two hugecupboards. One of them is quite modern, and the other one is an old-style white cupboard with a large oval mirror built into it. We also have a desk, where I work. I have a typewriter on it which I borrowed from a friend who I used to work with at the newspaper offices, so now I can work from home. Then we’ve got about four blocks of shelves, which are mainly full of language books and books on Hungarian literature. We've got a telephone as well, which is something, I think, that people in England take forgranted,but I realize that in Hungary it can be quite difficult to get one as you can be on the waiting list for a long time, so we're lucky to have that.

The other room used to be a kitchen, but my flatmate's dad has converted it into a kind of study room. There's a big table in there where we usually eat breakfast and supper. There's quite a strange setupin the room really, because it has tiles on the floor, so it looks like a cross between a bathroom,a kitchenand a living room, It's also got a lot of shelves with books on them, and some plants which I brought from the last flat that I lived in. Then we've got a kind of a kitchen, well, it's a little cupboard really, which has a stove, a washing up basin, a couple of little cupboards and some shelves.

Then we've got a bathroom, which is also quite small, with rather luridpink tilesin it, which has a bath, a toilet and a washbasin, and also a washing machine, which leapsaround all over the bathroom and gets very violent, so we have to watch it when it's on. We also have a vacuum cleaner, (which we usually call a «hoover» in England), and there is a large metal stepladder (but I'm not sure why it is there), and there are a lot of cupboards as well, full of shoes and old newspapers and saucepans and ail kinds of rubbish.

As our flat is so small, it's cheap and easy to keep warm, and also quite easy to keep dean. However, on the other hand, there's not much space. However, as we’re living in the middle of the city, so it's very quick to get to from anywhere, and is near to different metro lines, so you can get to any part of the city.

My ideal flat or house would be, I suppose, somewhere not quite so central, but then I would like, to have a car so that I could get in and out of town quickly. I would like to have a house, ideally with a garden so that I could have pets, maybe dogs and cats, and do gardening and grow plants, I'd like quite a few rooms in the house so that I could use one room as an office, which would be nice as I find it difficult to work in the same room I normally live in, because there's always, a temptation to switch on the TV or to go and make a cup of coffee. I'd also like .to have a nice view, maybe a view of the river. I’ve always been used to living by water, and in Hungary I really miss being near the sea. I don't know what it is, but there's something I like about living on an island. It's just so nice to be able to go out to the seaside and get some fresh air.


6.2.3. Найдите в тексте ответы на следующие вопросы.


1. Where does Vivien live?

2. Does she own this flat or not?

3. Who does she share the flat with?

4. Does Vivien pay all the bills?

5. Describe their living room.

6. What does their study look like?

7. What does their kitchen look like?

8. What is Vivien’s idea of her future house?


6.2.4. В каждом абзаце найдите предложение, выражающее его основную мысль.


6.2.5. Озаглавьте каждый абзац.


6.2.6. Составьте план текста на русском языке.


6.2.7. Переведите составленный план на английский язык.


6.2.8. Напишите краткое изложение текста на русском языке.


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