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Letter To Teacher Essay, Research Paper

Dear Ms. Marquez,

My name is Brenda Gonzalez and I am currently enrolled in your English 1301 class. For starters, I am 19yrs old and of Mexican Heritage. I have been enrolled in HCC for approximately 4 semesters now, and the one class I can’t seem to feel satisfied with is my English 1301 class. If it’s not one thing, it’s another, but that is beside the point. My major is in Biology and I plan to attend the University of Houston-Central this fall semester. I have big plans for my future, and medicine is definitely in them! I hope that by the time I graduate a bachelor in science, medical schools are just waiting to pick me up! My goal is to complete this course, finally, and with a big, fat “A”!?.. A bit off the subject, but you remind me so much of Meg Ryan! Not necessarily her funny attitude, but very much in the appearance, and I hope that isn’t insulting? However, back to what I was talking about?I graduated in ‘98 from Reagan Sr. High. I was in the magnet program there for computer science, but have very little interest in computers, other than for Internet purposes—which weren’t even touched on in our program!

I do come from a large family of six children, with only one brother, and he’s a special case–haha! Just kidding. I think we are all special cases in our own unique, positive ways.

I find myself to be a very open, outgoing young lady. I love to think up new ideas, and get lots of pleasure out of putting them to work. I know I am bound for greatness. I just need to stop being sidetracked. I do live away from home, and am very much so the head of my household (in case the Census would like to knowJ). One thing I have found to be true about myself is my passion for talking, with depth of course. I love to converse with others, I mean, how else are we going to expand our minds. We have to hear about what is out there waiting to be seen by our eyes, heard with our ears, and felt with our hands! Wow! And that’s the kind of stuff that blows my mind–when I think of everything that I have yet to explore! My 20th birthday is coming up this August 1st, and I have big plans on doing quite a bit of exploring. I want to know Miami, Florida, aside from lots of other great places around the world, but for this birthday, it’s got be Miami!

I know you said however long or short we’d like to make this letter, but fact of the matter is I don’t know yet what you find to be short or long, not to mention interesting or just plain babbling?.. So, with that in mind?I shall say goodnight!

Sincerely Yours,


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