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7l Bio Essay, Research Paper

Currently, 7L & Esoteric are awaiting positive response from

their latest effort on Direct Records entitled “Def Rhymes”.

The single peaked at #2 in bost Gavin and Hits as well as #4

in CMJ. The simply stated title sums up the theme of the

song…def rhymes, def cuts, and a def beat. On the b-side,

7L & Esoteric team up with Virtuoso on “Head Swell”, and

wage war on wack rappers during the abrasive “Learn from the

Druid”. Esoteric calls himself a druid because in the the

13th century, druids never wrote anything down, nor required

their apprentices to. Eso never writes his lyrics, they’re

memorized as he creates them.

The duo of 7L & Esoteric are set to release their

full-length LP entitled “The Soul Purpose” in early 1999. Be


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