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Hello my name is Sarah Bingham, I have only once kept a diary in my life, The diary only lasted one week. I myself have decided to write this diary/book, of my life because I realise that I need more motivation, after many years of my darling mother droning it into my head. I guess I have always known that I could do this and not for anyone else telling me, that I should. I have got my motivation back that I lost for a long time, due to a close and best friend that controlled my life to a certain extent. I am going to include many of my feelings about certain people, and many opinions. Although I am just portraying the way I understand people, I have met in my life. Although that is what a diary is for.

I can remember all the way back to my first year in Pre Primary School. I was very shy and would very rarely socialize with anyone of my peer?s. I always was trying to impress people, but that is what kids are like and supposed to do. I recall wearing a pair of cowgirl boots they were maroon in color, but yet one day I was showing off and didn?t realize that there was the big ditch behind me that was a drain. I had been warned time and time again to be careful but I forgot and fell in. I think I nearly gave my teacher a near heart attack. She pulled me out and I got in big trouble I also ruined my good boots, and did I get in trouble when I got home. There is also another incident I recall that was, the hot summer day when we were allowed to play outside once again. I was by myself although I didn?t mind, I liked to sit and think by myself. We were all getting very hot and our teacher turned on the sprinkler, we were running through and having heaps of fun. The whole time we all didn?t notice that a few other things were enjoying the water also, before we had all noticed a massive swarm of bees had invaded our water. As you can imagine we were all not impressed, about the whole thing, so our teacher kindly suggested that we keep away from the bee’s and mind our own business?s. We kindly considered the request and played merrily on our way. Well as we were allowed to play in the sprinkler we were allowed to take our shoe?s off also, and guess who happened to step on a bee, the world famous me who had a habit of falling down drains. As it turned out I was allergic to bees. My Mum was called and I was sent home, to rest a little. When I arrived home I was put to bed, for bee sting?s made me sleepy, so I went to sleep admiring my Jungle Book wall paper, and imagining I was in the jungle with my friends.

We had an above ground pool at George Way, and when summer came it was havoc everyone would come over to swim in the pool we would have party?s all the time on the weekend?s it was so much fun playing in the pool with so many friends. Every weekend we would have at least ten or more kids that would come over and play games. Like Marco-polo and whirlpool. Every one of us would walk or run around the inside of the pool. When we had enough speed we would all just float until the water stopped spinning and start again. It was a lot of fun and when we had enough, Mum would all bring us cold plums from the fridge to eat just before the barbecue. We would all lay on the back lawn and warm up so we could jump in the pool again.

? The first day of Primary School was very scary. I found it easy to make friend?s and I soon had my very first best friend her name was Jodie. Jodie and I were best friends throughout my seven years of primary school at Cannington Primary School. I found It very hard In primary school and struggled a lot even though, how hard I would try someone else was better at something more than I was. I went through many challenges because I found it hard to concentrate. My mind would wander or I would just go blank, although when the teacher asked me what she had just said, I would know. I found it hard to concentrate for when I was younger I had been diagnosed with mild epilepsy. They found when they gave me a CAT Scan and an EEG; I had a shadow on the left side of my brain. Even though people have told me. It can?t impair my knowledge; I still felt I always needed to do twice as much work than everybody else. I was in year two, I hadn?t had a hair cut in a while and Dad always called me a shaggy dog. My fringe was so long that Dad knew I hated that nickname .He always made fun of my hair for it was always growing and getting long quickly. So one day just before school I cut my own hair. I mainly only cut my fringe but what a disaster. I had cut it so short I looked like a fool, it would have only been a centimeter long. When I got to school I got so laughed at from everyone in my year and especially from my teacher (Mrs Cales) that I never did it again. I decided that the hairdresser should do my hair from now often.

?Jodie lived not far away from me, about a ten-minute walk. Most of the time we played at Jodie?s house for her house was always so much fun, she had a house that was green at the time and I loved that colour (so many things mean so much when your younger and that just attributed to the friendship more. It sounds funny now but then it meant everything.) They also had huge bit of land behind their house. Although sometimes if Jodie and I were sneaky enough we would go out the back. Matthew Stafford (who went to our school) and his brothers friends ride the motor bike. We couldn?t be long for we were not allowed out the back. Often there were always stray dogs that lurked at the back gates. Jodie?s mum shaped different stones on a special machine called a faceter. Everytime I came over Jodie?s Mum was using the machine I was always fascinated. We were never allowed to touch the machine (which was fair enough.) in case we broke it I always loved to watch for she was so good at it although she didn?t do it that much unless we asked her very nicely. Jodie?s family background was Italian and her Mum always made her own pasta in her own machine and that was excellent fun to do and to watch. Jodie?s Dad had a huge telescope upstairs in the shed I only saw it once in the day time but never at night but after seeing that telescope gave me many future dreams of being an astrologer.

?When my family lived at George Way. We had a big back yard, four cats and a dog-named Lady .I found Lady and I had a close friendship for I found that she was the only one I could talk to, when my friends were not there. We had a very large chook pen and just at the entrance there was a stinging nettle bush. You had to be careful although even though how hard I tried I would somehow or another get stung .I weren?t afraid of the chickens like most kids I knew. I had heaps of fun with my fluffy friends. One-day mum told me to go feed the chicken?s it was a slightly overcast day but not enough to be raining, so I dawdled down to the chook pen as per usual. As I was feeding the chicken’s a big flash of thunder and lightning came over the sky, this was the very first time I had been outside when it thundered, Well I hated thunder when I was in the house let alone outside. Well I run so fast I think I must of left fire tracks behind me, Mum and Dad made a deal with me I would not go outside when it was near a thunderstorm, for I dropped all the chook scraps as I ran back in the house.

?We had a set of swings that looked over at the Church next door. I always played at the church but especially liked it when it was Sunday for the church would get so busy. I was always over there at one time or another riding on the church grounds. I hadn?t been over for ages I decided one day being so curious and not minding my business and everybody else?s, that I would go over and speak to the guy who was cleaning what looked like a tray. I wandered through the Chinese apple trees that we had so many of, and introduced who I was and were I lived. I had figured that this man was harmless because I had seen him before, and he was at a church. I knew he could not harm me on God?s property (at least that is what I thought at the time being a little kid and believing in God.) he was very nice and I offered to help him clean the trays off. He had been working on the trays for hours, as it turned out he helped out after mass and did a few things around the church to help the Reverend. This man was cleaning off the trays that the candles were kept and burnt on, and as I loved wax, I did not hesitate to convince this man to hire me and clean the wax off these trays for him and keep the wax that we had bothered cleaned off. I got the job (even though it was a little job.) I wanted to help. As it turned out he later came over and spoke to my Mum, although when mum opened the door she thought I was in trouble once again. He told mum how helpful I was and he wanted to join me up for Sunday school and the choir. I couldn?t believe my dreams had come true I had always wanted to be in a Choir. Mum happily accepted and so did I. The first day was the hardest day for I had to meet people although it didn?t take me long to settle in. I had many memories at that Church and will cherish all the fun I had.

?I liked year three because my teacher Mrs. Hayes always gave out award?s to those who had done extra good work she always would put my favourite stickers on them I would always do my best so I could get a certificate with a pink panther sticker. I mostly got awards for handwriting and spelling. My most enjoyable year was in year four with Miss Paulsen, she was the best teacher that I ever had. I remember having a fight with a girl named Sharina Kirby, she was causing trouble and I didn?t like it. Although I wouldn?t do anything at the time for I had not learnt to stand up for myself. Miss Paulsen saw her and she got in trouble. I felt that Miss Paulsen treated me like a teacher’s pet, but I did like the attention. At the end of the year we were doing a song for our end of year awards, we had been practicing our American Indian Song (Miss Paulsen was from California.) I had asked my Aunty Honour to make my dress especially; (for she was very good at sewing.) the costume was Mustard yellow with Brown tassels hanging from the arms and the bottom of the skirt. We did our Indian song and everybody clapped, Miss Paulsen started to read who had received the award for the year. She began to read the achievements that a student had made during the year. All I kept on thinking was please let it be me shut my eyes and crossed my fingers and she said ?the award goes to this year is… Sarah Bingham? I could not believe my luck, I went up and received my award (I had never got an end of year award before.) All the people who received awards got books loved the book so much. It had a lot to do with America (it was like a mini Encyclopedia.) I was so happy I went back to my chair and couldn?t wait to read it. Mum said later on that she was nearly going to sleep, when my name was called out she nearly fell off her chair just laughed. We walked home for our house was not far from the Primary school. As Mum and I were walking home I saw a shooting star and wished for a trampoline to myself. Christmas time came and Mum and Dad woke Daniel and I up early, out the back was a (water blue in colour) trampoline. I still to this very day don?t know how Mum and Dad knew that we wanted it.

?We moved from George Way to Halsey Close when I was eight years old, which was only just up the road from, were we lived before. I remember when Mum and Dad were thinking about moving and I roller-skated up the street to see our new house. My skate got caught on a rock and I fell over. I can remember roller skating home and crying my head off because I had cut my legs open. During that time at George Way, I had my best friend Leasha who lived over the road. Leasha and I always ran amok together and loved it. We did everything together nearly, except go to school together, she went to Saint Jochims. I remember the night before Christmas; we were outside on her back lawn with Defer (her dog.) it was getting towards Eleven o?clock we refused to go to sleep until we saw Santa Clause. Leasha had already fallen asleep as per usual, (Leasha always fell asleep when I wanted to talk which I always did.) Just before I went to sleep, I swear I saw Santa?s sleigh and then I fell asleep. Although when I told everybody in the morning no one would believe me, but I believed it. Leasha and I were the best of friend?s back then and we still are, we always did so much together. I always thought Leasha would become a school teacher for she always played the school teacher when we played school?s on the weekends I never got to play the teacher and if I did I didn?t do it right. Thinking back now we would have fight?s all the time about who was going to be who, It?s funny now looking back I would get so annoyed and angry at her I would run home and take my frustration?s out on my poor brother Daniel. But an hour later either one of us would see each other and start playing again as if nothing happened. (If only things were that easy in today?s days.)

?Life teaches us from our mistakes all the time. One clear mistake I made was when Aunty Eileen taught Leasha and I how to cross the road properly, All the time she would constantly remind us not to run across the road for that is likely when accidents are to occur. One day I thought I would be a Smart-ass and not listen and run across the road. As it turns out and with my luck I fell and took all my skin off my face (nose, forehead, cheeks and chin.) I was a mess and they had to pick me up quick for a car was coming I didn?t do it again. Back when I was younger I was always in the wars some way or another. There was one day that was a fairly average summer day when Tarnia and Aunty Lesley came over Aunty Eileen?s house everything was fine we were all sitting inside and talking each other?s ears off. We had to get some extra stools for Tarnia and Mum to sit on, Leasha and I decided to stand so we didn?t cause any hassles. We were all having a really good time and all of a sudden Tarnia lent back (she must of forgot that there was no backing on her chair.) and landed straight on her back and come down really hard on the back of her head. She was in shock and wasn?t moving a great deal everyone was in such a panic and I was so scared for her. In the mean time it was lucky that we had a fire brigade just up the road and someone got help. A fireman came down to check Tarnia and to give her some oxygen I think a couple of days later she had a terrible headache but everything was fine, thank goodness.

?Jennifer and Kristy did dancing up at the Church during the week, Leasha started dancing later. I remember all I ever wanted was a pair of silver dancing shoes just like the Harrison girls. I don?t know why but I always felt like Dorothy out of the wizard of oz. Aunty Eileen was very good at sewing and made all of the girl?s dresses. They were always so beautiful and elegant, (personally thinking back now Aunty Eileen could have made a business out of making ballroom dresses.) She spent hours and hours, doing the dresses sewing every last sequin on the dresses .I loved coming over and watching, most of the time, I would try and help as much as I could. Although I wouldn?t do much except make endless cups of tea for her to help keep her going. These dresses looked beautiful on and I felt like I was at a gala event and had been especially invited. Jen, Kristy and Leasha won many awards through their dancing years. There came a point when I wanted to start ballroom dancing. I wanted to look like Jen and Kristy in their dresses .I started dancing for a while but it didn?t stick. I didn?t like my teacher, my teacher was also my dance partner but I didn?t like her that much. I thought she had to many pimples (I know that?s not nice although it was true.) I never told anyone about why I quit, I think I may have told Leasha.

?Leasha and I always played in the back of her Mum?s little green car, we always played with all of our dolls and tedious, the only problem was that if Aunty Eileen needed to go out in a hurry that caused problems. I remember Leasha came down with Chicken Pox, and was really sick. I remember that I was very worried although she was always allowed to eat trio ice cream, and all I wished at the time was that I would get Chicken Pox, so I could eat trio ice cream, for that was my favourite. A little later on about a month later I was sick with a tummy wog, and couldn?t eat anything sweet that would upset my stomach half my luck that, that would happen. Also Leasha always was able to come up with some really yummy food that we could try out, another favourite was dipping Ginger nut biscuits in either warm or cold milk, I loved going to my Aunty Eileen?s, for she had really yummy food at her house. Tarnia and I were not that close when I was young, (Leasha?s cousin.) I always thought that she hatted me, (Although we have a very good friendship now I guess that?s what time can do. Time makes you grow up and realise how special friends are and how important it is to try and not make enemy?s.) Uncle Les (Tarnia?s Dad.) and Aunty Lesley (Tarnia?s Mum.) Always come to the dancing competion?s that Jen and Kristy had. It was getting towards the afternoon when the competion started they had some games before the competition started. There was this game when you had to get a partner and dance. I was very shy at the time and I didn?t want to participate. I would have danced with Leasha except she was dancing with her Uncle Chris, so Uncle Les offered to dance with me. I didn?t want to dance with him though but I was forced into it and we danced. The way the game went was you had to dance with your partner and jump on a piece of paper, when the music stopped you also had to rip a piece of paper off, some people came around to check if you didn?t cheat. The game ended when you had the littlest piece of paper no matter how you looked and how you did it you had to keep your balance. After the game had finished the competion started so I couldn?t have anymore fun (I was only warming up too.) All the girls (Jen, Kristy and Leasha.) came a place that day it was so wonderful to watch.

?I was never fond of Les that much, reason being kids take allot of things to heart and remember certain things that have been said to them for a long time. Well it just so happened that at the time the ?Alf doll? was in and some how or another he found out that I couldn?t sleep without my doll. One day I was riding to their house as I rode everywhere (I was in year six at the time.) and most of the families were there (Leasha?s family.) I arrived mid afternoon I had been invited so they were expecting me. When I came in Les made a joke about my boobs he said gee?s shouldn?t you be wearing a bra. (Les worked at bonds and sold bras and knickers.) And laughed everyone knew I took it offensively by the look on my face I think, he also said you shouldn?t be sleeping with dolls at your age either. (I knew he was joking but I took it the wrong way big time.) I went home and told Mum and she said not to worry and that I should start wearing a bra for I was growing, although I couldn?t see it myself, after that I started wearing bras and how uncomfortable they were, they were green with pink dots. (It was a bit silly for my uniform was a yellow T-shirt.)

?I hated year five for I had a mean and grouchy teacher called Mr. Paton. He had to find every excuse to pick on me. All of the other kids in my class hated Year Five just as much as me. He had a real habit of getting our attention by getting his nails and scratching the black board. That noise was the most irritating sound although most of us got used to it. When it started to become a habit all the time (As we never stopped talking.) we started to ignore him, so he started to threaten us with a very thin cane stick. He used to say if we didn?t be quiet he would hit our hands with it, he never did though. One day he got so angry with Christian Bidwell (who was the school?s rebel.) that Mr. Paton got his stick and hit it, so hard on Christian?s desk that he snapped it. Christian was sent to the office to deal with Mr. Purser the principal. He was sent home and suspended for two days.

?In year six we had a teacher called Mr. Dunn he was nice and easy going we had various events that went on during the year. First we had a lady called Dianne Clark (Who ran the local ballroom dancing classes.) teach all the girls modeling we had to perform in front of the school. Jodie, Sharina, Kathy and I did a dance to Michael Jackson?s Bad song that was, ?the in song? at that time. I wore a stonewashed denim outfit, which included a Raa Raa skirt, (A frilly skirt that included three or more layers of frills.), denim top, denim jacket and denim boots we did our act and everybody clapped. Afterwards everybody commented on my outfit they loved it. Although thinking back now I think I would have looked like a real goose. Later on in the year we had a yearly school fete. We had a haunted house at the fete also, that the students and teachers made, it looked so good afterwards and really scary, it was so dark that I was amazed at how dark they got it. One of the teachers knew someone that collected certain animals and put them in a solution to preserve and put in jars, there were Rats, a baby Kangaroo, Turtles and a brain of something it was disgusting. There was also a dunking machine. I was allowed to sit on top to be a victim for someone, the first hit and I had been dunked. When I was in the water and as I was coming up I spotted underneath the dunking chair was a huge spider. The spider looked like a Tarantula, (I now know what it was, it was a Huntsman spider.) Although at the time no one could name this spider or know what it was. I ended up getting Mr. Dunn to kill it, Mrs. Stockage made a joke and said that it must of come from the haunted house, I didn?t go on another dunking machine in my whole life after that. (Not that the opportunity arised often.)

?Year Seven wasn?t one of my best years in my Primary School years, like I have said before I struggled a lot due to my epilepsy I was in a special Math?s class. I struggled all year we always had tests every week, The bad thing about this class was that it was run by the Headmaster Mr. Pursar. I could never pick maths up that well even in high school. It was always so intimidating knowing that you had the next class with the Headmaster, Mr. Pursar. He would give me special attention all the time I don?t know why. He would always ring or talk to my parents on my progress in his class he even offered to tutor me, IMAGINE THAT! I was his favourite in the class and that was hard enough to handle. Thinking back now that was a lot of pressure to put on a child who was trying to do their best but couldn?t because it was the Headmaster. I think year seven was the worst year of my life, my Granddad Bingham died on the early hours of the morning around 2:00 o?clock, I still to this day don?t know why I was up I couldn?t sleep and I started reading an Asterix book. I can remember the ring of the phone alerting my parents that he had died, Mum came down from upstairs and told me he died the thing was that was it was so hard to see a tear roll down Mum?s face as she told me. You always see your mum as a strong figure same as your Dad it was hard to see her cry. Mum had taught me to be strong so I didn?t cry in front of her for I knew it would upset her more. I kick myself today and still do, and I think I will always for I never payed much attention when granddad was telling me a story about Ireland were he was born. We all visited him in the hospital he was so sick and Mum didn?t like us seeing him too much for his health was deteriorating. Aunty Honor took Daniel and I to a toy store it was called wonderland of toys. We got some balls that you could blow up with a straw; we took them back and showed them off. The day after I was coming home from school and I saw Dad on the lawn, he was laying there calmly. I came over and told him about my day, as soon as I asked how his was, he broke down crying and said, ?what am I going to do? I didn?t know what else to do but hug him and never stop. Mum and Dad never let me go to the funeral they said I was to young I probably was but I wanted to go so badly. We had the wake at our house and all the family was there. It was so hard to handle everyone was coming up and talking to me about school. I said to my Aunty Heather I have had an awful day at school and I said, ?I could just die ?not even thinking about it she got upset and told me not to say that again. That couples of days were the worst memories of mine.

?When I was a little girl I can remember, Uncle Paul (Leasha?s Dad.) was a fisherman he went every where to catch fish and other wonderful things. One morning he brought mum some Oysters that she had asked for, (She loved them at the time and so did Dad.) Uncle Paul had brought them home in a bucket of water. When mum was trying to open them with a knife she didn?t realise that the oysters were still alive. Mum just assumed that Uncle Paul kept them in a bucket so they didn?t taste old when they got home. In the process Mum was trying to open the Oysters with a knife, (and having no such luck for these Oysters were not budging.) In all the commotion and frustration, the oyster grabbed onto Mum?s finger and shut on it, she was in so much pain that I had to run over the road, and grab Uncle Paul so he could take it off her finger. After that mum didn?t touch many shells fish (even today she hate?s all shell fish.)

?Our family had allot of parties at George Way, we had the room so why not. Our property had an enormous back yard, when one of our cats died (his name was blacky.) we buried Blacky under the big lemon tree out the back, I always played under that tree then the novelty wore off and I didn?t much want to go under there anymore. Dad decided to build me a cubby house except it wasn?t in a tree but on the floor. One day I was aloud to go shopping with Mum at Big W (a shopping centre.) while I was there I was aloud to look around and choose a couple of things that I could play with. I decided to choose some Incredible Hulk putty, (The Incredible Hulk was the ?in cartoon? at the time.) so I got the putty and some finger paints also. I always played with finger paints when I was little (I was about seven years old at the time.) When I got home I had a really big job ahead of me; I was going to paint my cubby house with the finger paints. I didn?t tell Mum at the time and just played happily by myself, I nearly covered the entire house but not all of it. I thought my new wallpaper was really stylish. Mum and Dad said I did a really good job although I don?t think they were very impressed that I had wasted all of my paint on the house. The phase of the cubby house soon died out and I didn?t play with it anymore the main reason was because Leasha had a better house than me and I liked playing with hers more than mine. She had lots of fun tea sets in her house a toy oven, toy sink and lots of fun groceries that she had got for her birthday. Later on my cubby house was knocked down for fire wood, in those days there wasn?t really strict rules about fires and we had bonfires when we had collected




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