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Senior Project Essay, Research Paper

Cordova High School Senior Project

Parent Consent Form

As the parent or guardian of ____________________________________________, who

is a parent or guardian at Cordova High School, I am aware that my son/daughter must

pass all phases of the Senior Project to graduate.

For the project component, my son/daughter has decided to ________________________



I fully understand that the selection of the project component is a decision made independently of the staff and the administration of Cordova High School and the

Folsom Cordova Unified School District. All consequences of the project choice, production or experience, unless otherwise stated, rest solely with the student and the parent. I also realize that the project must represent a ?learning stretch? and be related in some way to the research paper.

Parent/Guardian Signature _________________________________________

Student Signature ________________________________________________

Date _______________________


Cordova High School Senior Project

Letter of Intent

(use formal business letter format)

Your name

Home Address

Town, State Zip Code


Advisor?s Name (Mr., Mrs., Ms.)

School Address

City, State Zip Code

Dear (Advisor?s name):

Paragraph I: Describe your project and explain why you have chosen this project.

Explain how it is a stretch for you. Who will help you (your mentor or supervisor) and what you think your potential cost is in money, time spent, and resources.

Paragraph II: Explain what you want to learn from your research paper. List some of the resources you intend to use.

Paragraph III: Describe your oral presentation. What forms of multimedia do you intend to use?

Paragraph IV: Define plagiarism. Explain what you think it means and why you will not do it.


Your Name


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