Реферат: SinX And Quadratic Regressions Essay Research Paper

Sin(X) And Quadratic Regressions Essay, Research Paper

For my senior thesis, I will be conducting further research on my project, and the idea from which my project came. This research will include different experimental approaches and setups, the outcomes of these new schematics, and the way in which the project was originally approached.

I plan to dedicate three pages to learning what would happen if the experiment was setup in a different manner. This includes both the materials and the methods involved in doing it. For example, instead of just graphing the data, I would correlate it to several known regressions, such as sin(x) and quadratic regressions. Also, I would talk about how that effect of gathering more data in the same time period would alter the results that I had previously obtained. In other words, I will be analyzing the implications that I had previously determined.

I also plan to write several pages on the outcomes that these new setups may produce. This includes the results of both adding more data and plotting it against known regressions.

The conclusion of my additional research will delve into the creator of chaos, Edward Lorenz. I plan on understanding how Lorenz completed his experimentation. As far as I know, Lorenz completed his experimentation by using fractal dynamics. I will be trying this possibility out as well as the other stuff.

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