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Psychology: Career Report Essay, Research Paper


The study of Psychology is based on the study of human behavior. Psychologists apply their learnings into multiple organizations such as management, human service, and many other areas. Psychology is also divided into different areas of behavior. Clinical Psychologists deals with working with hospital patients on a one to one basis individually. A Counciling Psychologist uses viewing and testing in their study on how to live with an everyday problem concerning the world today. Developmental Psychologists are issued with the study patterns and behavioral change being brought out through from childhood to adulthood. There are many other succesful careers in the field of psychology, all based on human behavior, but in different aspects.

A Psychologists working conditions are determined by there field of study. Counciling, school and clinical psychologist work better in an office setting, accomidations are a factor too. Governmental and Industrial psychologists have a well planned schedule as well as those in universities. Overtime work is a hudge indication of placement in the psychology field,therefore stress and preasure has to be dealt with; Such as deadlines, travel, and routine interruptions, making it hard to extricate yourself when other assignments are planted in your hand.

About 144,000 psychologist are granted jobs every year;and a estimate of 4 out of 10 applicants are accepted across the United States and about 80 percent of psychologists work in government agencies and the other 20 are self-employed. Many other psychologists work in schools and university areas as teachers and professors. For a psychologist and his or her employment are mostly based on the fact of their study and degree. PH.D’s are more likely to be accepted into a high paying job, as for a person with a Bachlors are more likely to have struggles to be accepted into a job in which the field is tremendously growing.

Different qualifications are needed within the area of your employment. A Clinical Psychologist, for instance, is required to have a doctoral degree as well as a Counciling Psychologist. A PH.D in Psychology qualifys you to have a wide range of selections, such as jobs in the field, research, clinical and counciling oppertunities. A Bachelor’s degree in psychology has a less variety of job oppertunities. This degree usually only consists of assisting other psychologist with a higher degree and working in a community clinic. Your Bachelor’s degree consist of 4 years in college or 24 semester hours for entry level positions. To recieve your Masters degree, at least 2 years of full-time gradate study is required. A Docteral degree requires 5 to 7 years of graduate study. the Docteral degree consists of examinations as well as practical work.

The Job outlook for psychologists if fairly well.

The field of psychology is growing faster than any other job occupation in the United States. abuse, maritial problems, as well as familiy issues and violence is growing daily, which enhances employment growth. In the outlook for psychologists with doctoral degrees are the best candidate in this situation. A person with a masters, may inquire few obsticals for job certification. People with a bachlors degree will struggle greatly with jobs directly related to psychology. Some may find few open jobs on assisting and highschool teachers, but have to meet State qualifications, as well as experience.

Psychologist with a bachlors degree recieve a low amount of pay. their yearly estimate consist of $18,700 a year to 23,000 a year. a person with a masters degree recieves an estimate of about 29,000 to 34,000 dollars anually; And finally a person with a doctoral degree recieves a starting salary of 40,000 dollars, up to 60,000 yearly.

Related Occupations in pyschology consist of various careers, due to the face that psychology is conducted upson teaching, counciling and evaluation skills. Other types of jobs that this may relate to are social workers, psychiatrists, clergy, special education teachers and councelors.


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